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Why Botox is the Key to Looking and Feeling Younger

Do you see lines between your brows? Have you started cringing instead of laughing now that you can see your laugh lines? Aging inevitably takes its toll, and the body is part of those changes. While these changes are expected, the more apparent signs of aging can make you feel more self-conscious.  This is especially...

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Is ZEISS SMILE the Right Vision Correction Procedure for You?

If you wear glasses or contact lenses to see, you may have already considered undergoing a vision correction procedure. However, when most people think about vision correction, the first thing that comes to mind is LASIK.  But LASIK isn’t the only vision correction procedure around. In fact, others are less invasive, like ZEISS SMILE! ZEISS SMILE is...

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Have You Pushed Off Dry Eye Treatment for Too Long?

Your eyes are constantly producing tears. This is because your eyes need moisture to stay healthy.  But sometimes, your eyes may struggle to produce tears or retain them. They may struggle with this due to certain environmental factors, but it can also be because of a chronic condition called dry eye syndrome.  If your eyes...

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Experience San Francisco with New Clarity After LASIK

Do you wish you could wake up with crisper vision? Are you tired of the constraints of visual aids? It might be time to consider options beyond glasses and contact lenses like LASIK.  LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures in the world. The procedure is effective and low risk, with over 95%...

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5 Ways the EVO Visian ICL Improves Your Vision

If you’re considering a vision correction procedure, why not consider the EVO Visian ICL? Most vision correction surgeries like LASIK and PRK use a laser to permanently change the shape of your cornea to correct a refractive error.  But the EVO Visian ICL is different because it implants a lens inside your eye. It’s a...

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