Frequently Asked Questions about Driving at Night After Cataract Surgery

Many of our patients have questions about night driving after cataract surgery. Unfortunately, the answers are not the same for everyone, but here are some typical experiences you may have with your vision while night driving after cataract surgery:

Will my night vision improve?

Yes! Your visual clarity and the colors will be much improved. You should be able to delineate the sharp outlines of a dark car on a dark background. You should not see halos around lights. And Images on the sidewalks and inside cars should be very clear.

Will there be any side effects?

Yes, but they will be minor. Car lights and streetlights may be brighter. As your eyes adjust and heal, you may see light streaks off of street lights, tail lights, and oncoming headlights. This may happen temporarily as your eyes heal.

How long after cataract surgery can I drive at night?

Many patients are able to drive within 24 hours of their cataract surgery. However, this does vary from individual to individual. Of course, after your surgery, you will have a follow-up appointment to evaluate your vision. During this appointment, your surgeon will inform you exactly when it’s safe for you to drive and resume other normal activities. 

Cataract Surgery for Better Vision During The Day and Night

After cataract surgery at LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center, we know you will see better when you drive. You will feel safer, more confident, and can finally enjoy driving once again. We are proud to be the first practice in the Bay Area to offer the Blade-Free LENSAR® Femtosecond Laser system. This system is more precise and offers better results than other less advanced systems.

For more questions about how your vision and night driving will improve after cataract surgery, contact the cataract surgery experts at LaserVue for a free consultation.