One of Our Happy Patients Shares His LASIK Story

We have the pleasure of working with many patients, each with their own unique cases. A recent patient was so happy that he wanted to share his story of LASIK.

“I had an eye exam for the first time in my life when I was 25 years old. I could see well enough for most of my life and I would sometimes squint to see better, but I had no idea what I was missing.

When I started to think I might need some vision correction I had thought of LASIK as an option. However, at my very first eye exam for contacts they let me know that I had pretty severe astigmatism. So severe in fact that I probably wouldn’t be a candidate for LASIK. Disappointed, I settled for my new contacts and glasses.

The first time I wore glasses, and subsequently contact lenses, I was surprised at the world I had been missing out on. I had no idea how much I needed vision correction. From that day on, I relied on my contacts and glasses to see the world.

My sight is important to me. But, over the years the novelty of my new-found sight faded, and the frustration of needing contact lenses and glasses began to take its place. I preferred contact lenses, but I had to reorder new ones all the time. Once a year I’d also have to get a new prescription, whether I needed it or not. One appointment, every year, just so I can reorder some contact lenses. Not to mention, the cost of contact lenses, particularly those for astigmatism, starts to add up.

Glasses were sometimes easier. I could take them off or put them on whenever needed. But, If I was at the gym, playing sports, or chasing my daughters around, I’d have to be careful, or suffer the blurry consequences of not wearing them.

This was my life, and I didn’t think there could be a better way. As a result of my interaction during that first exam, I began wearing contacts and never thought much else about LASIK. I didn’t believe it was an option for me.

That was until about ten years later when I met Dr. Bansal. When I mentioned my case to him, he said I should come in for a free consultation to see what was possible. He told me there had been a lot of advancements in technology, and that LASIK for astigmatism is possible.

My consultation was easy, fast, and painless. But I worried that they’d come back and tell me I wasn’t a candidate. So, I was shocked when I heard quite the opposite. I was eligible for the procedure, and I could possibly attain 20/20 vision as a result. I scheduled my procedure that day!

Three weeks later, the day had finally come. I walked in for my appointment and about 45 minutes later I walked out of LaserVue without the need for glasses or contacts ever again. It’s been almost two weeks since I had my LASIK done, and I could not sing higher praises for Dr. Bansal and the staff at LaserVue. I’m truly amazed, and so happy to be able to see this clearly. I notice the crispness of the leaves in the trees as I go on daily walks. I can read everything around me. I can do everything I want to do without dealing with contacts or glasses. No more prescriptions, no more reorders, no more hassles.

Maybe it’s the newness of the experience, but I swear, the world just looks better now. Thank you so much!”

-Joshua C., US Navy Veteran, Father to Three

If you’ve got a similar story and want to see if you qualify for LASIK, give us call or use our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation. You could have better vision in a matter of weeks. We look forward to seeing you!