Question: I would really like to know if bladeless lasik is technically the same thing as ilasik? Or is ilasik just a TM name? Do you get the same results of bladeless lasik as you do with ilasik? A lasik provider says they use bladeless lasik (intra-something lasik). Is that ilasik that all the other ilasik people are using? Or is it a make shift version of ilasik with the same concept? If so, does it produce the same quality results?

Answer: The technology for cutting the flap for LASIK using a laser has been given many different names. There are several different laser manufacturers who produce all-laser LASIK. The technology has advanced over the years as well so the All-Laser LASIK of today is better than it was 5 years ago.

The quality of the results therefore differs between the older lasers and the newest femtosecond laser technology. It also varies with the experience and skill of the surgeon. Make certain that the clinic you choose has upgraded at every opportunity and that their surgeon has significant experience with the femtosecond laser.

LaserVue Eye Center utilizes the most advanced All-Laser LASIK technology. We have upgraded at every opportunity and have experience in providing the highest level of treatment for our patients.