Dr. Jay Bansal, Northern California’s

Cataract Surgeon

Do you have blurry vision, a hard time driving at night, and are over the age of 40? You might have cataracts and require a consultation.

Thousands of successful procedures & happy patients.

What You Need To Know

Medical History

Medications, allergies, prior eye disease, and prior surgeries are all considerations for candidacy.

Eye examination

We’ll perform a thorough eye exam to ensure that cataract surgery is your best option right now.

Cataract Severity

It may be best to wait on cataract surgery until your visual symptoms impact your everyday life.

Doctor Consultation

The only way to know for sure if cataract surgery is right for you is an in-person doctor evaluation.

Our Patients Love Their New Vision

Professional and Friendly

“The entire staff was very professional and friendly. The examinations were not rushed and very clam. it was a rewarding experience.”
Emil S.


“Fantastic! I have received complete support in all aspects of my care. The doctors and staff have been caring, responsive, and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend LaserVue Eye Center to anyone with vision problems.”
Andy W.
U.S. Superior Court Judge

What To Expect

Dr. Bansal (Cropped circle)

Schedule a Consultation

Meet with Dr. Jay Bansal to evaluate your eyes and determine if cataract surgery is right for you.

Dr. Bansal w/ exam equipment (Cropped circle)

Surgery Day

Arrive and relax knowing you’re in good hands with Dr. Bansal and his surgical team.

Couple Recovering (Cropped circle)


Your vision will improve within days to weeks. Dr. Bansal will schedule a follow up appointment with you.

Schedule Your Cataract Consultation

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