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Testimonial Man 3
The procedure was painless, quick, and wonderfully empowering. I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in high school and was always limited by the types of activities that I could participate in. Now I am able to go mountain biking without fear of my glasses falling off. It has been a year since I got the procedure done and I am a very happy patient. Dr. Bansal and his staff are first class. If you're on the fence, I say go for it!!! You won't regret it.
Adrian T. - Web Designer - Age 28 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
Adrian decided to get LASIK for the same reasons which most patients have--to get rid of glasses and/or contact lenses. In addition, Adrian's a very active person and enjoys mountain biking tremendously. He has always worried about getting his glasses knocked off while biking, which would render him blind and quite helpless on a treacherous trail. Not only that, he just didn't feel as "free" having to depend on them to see. Since his procedure, he has gained a deeper sense of appreciation for all his outdoor activities and there's no holding him back from going down the steepest trail now.
testimonial man
I have worn hard contact lenses for 45 years to correct astigmatism and nearsightedness. My astigmatism was such that with soft contact lenses, I still had three images in one eye and two in the other. When my last pair of hard lenses cracked, I discovered that the laser surgery capabilities were now available to correct my vision. I now have 20/20 vision!
Anonymous - Software Architect - Age 60 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/200 20/20
Left Eye 20/80 20/20
He had endured many decades of rigid gas permeable lenses and he was definitely ready for a change. He had been told by a few laser centers in the past that he was not a candidate for many years because of the unique features of his eyes. When I had told him the news that he was a candidate, it was like winning the lottery for him. I don't think he'll ever miss wearing those rigid lenses again.
Testimonial Patient
Dr. Singh and her entire staff at LaserVue was great. I can't believe I can see so clearly now! Although the healing time for PRK was a little longer, it was well worth the wait. I love my new vision!
Catherine H. - N/A - Age 36 - PRK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/25
Everyone I interacted with at LaserVue Eye Center in Santa Rosa was extremely polite and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Bansal explained everything about the procedure and it went just as he said, "smoothly." Although I had a longer recovery with PRK, it was all worth it. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to touch my eyes. Thank you!
Christina G. - Systems Analyst - Age 34 - PRK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/25
Left Eye 20/400 20/25
Due to Christina's unique corneal profile, she was a better candidate for PRK (photo-refractive keratectomy) than LASIK. The healing time is a little bit longer but in her case, it was the better and safer way to go. She healed very well and part of it had to do with how she heeded and followed all the specific post-operative precautions associated with PRK. Great job Chris!
I'm very glad that I did this and don't have poor distance vision anymore.
Cindee N. - Bookkeeper - Age 53 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/100 20/20
Left Eye 20/100 20/15
Cindee had originally come into our office in 2003 and expressed her desire to lessen her dependence on glasses as much as possible. I had recommended her to have one eye done first so she could have a monovision setup after the surgery. For two years, she has enjoyed the best of both worlds but she finally came back two years later and we treated her other eye to improve her distance visual acuity as well. Even though she is now more dependent on reading glasses, she's enjoying her balanced and clear distance vision with both eyes. She understands that there's a compromise in every situation but the most important thing was that Cindee took her time to find this out herself. We're glad that everything ended up working out for her.
testimonial woman w/ Dr. Bansal
I had heard all the stories about LASIK. What was especially wonderful for me was how the staff assisted me. They were helpful, kind, and extremely supportive. The surgery itself was over in minutes and yet I will have a lifetime to benefit from what was provided! I am 31 and have depended on contacts since they age of eight. Today was the first time in my life I could wake up to see my surroundings. Thank you all so much!! You do wonderful work but the extra personality you add to what you're doing is what truly makes you stand out!! Thank you all!
Courtney G. - Nurse - Age 31 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/25
Courtney was extremely nervous and anxious on the day of her procedure which was completely understandable given her prescription and the major lifestyle change she was about to undergo. She had been wearing rigid gas permeable lenses ever since she was in elementary school and this was one of the biggest steps she was about to take to become free of glasses and contacts altogether. It has been delightful seeing Courtney during every post-operative visit because of her glowing joy and genuine gratitude which are so contagious that she leaves the entire staff in the office with a smile every time.
What an amazing experience this has been--no more glasses or contacts! I am so glad that I finally got LASIK done after more than a few years of dealing with contacts and glasses. The entire process has been made so simple thanks to the team of surgical specialists at LaserVue. I still can't believe that I can see now!!! Thanks to everyone at LaserVue--I'll be sending everyone I know to you.
Courtney P. - Marketing Director - Age 24 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/20
Left Eye 20/400 20/20
Courtney was our patient for one of our educational seminars so prospective patients could have the rare opportunity to watch a live Intra-LASIK procedure narrated by the doctor. We couldn't have asked for a better patient to volunteer for such an event and everything went smoothly. When she returned the day after her surgery, she was happy to find out that she already had 20/20 vision, and something tells me that she won't miss her glasses and contacts very much.
Testimonial man 4
Having perfect vision and not having to wear reading glasses all my life, it was difficult adjusting to the sudden blur for reading distance within the last five to six years. That was why I decided to get this procedure done and now I can read again without reading glasses.
David F. - Manager - Age 60 - CK
Before After
Right Eye 20/25 20/25
Left Eye 20/200 20/20
David's frustration with his onset of presbyopia was understandable, especially given that he has never needed glasses his entire life. He was a great candidate for CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) despite the strict parameters that this procedure requires. Instead of laser energy used in LASIK surgeries, the procedure reshapes the cornea by employing radiofrequency energy. CK is the number one non-laser refractive procedure done in the United States and David was glad to be a beneficiary of this technology.
Testimonial woman 8
My LASIK procedure was in September of 1999 and it has been the most liberating event for me. My vision without glasses was count fingers at three feet(I could not even read the big "E" on the chart) before LASIK. On the day of the surgery, everyone was so supportive, and during the procedure, Dr. Bansal would tell me what was happening so I knew where to look and what to expect. The actual laser time was just seconds per eye....INCREDIBLE! When I sat up after, I could actually see the faces in the room with me and read the clock on the wall! The very next day I was able to read the 20/20 line on the chart! I was wearing bifocals prior to my procedure; so I knew that reading glasses would be needed afterwards. But they make fun readers and you do not need them all the time. It truly is amazing to drive, watch a movie, and see the alarm clock all without glasses!
Debbie L. - Patient Coordinator - Age 42 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/25
Left Eye 20/CF 20/25
Debbie has worked in an ophthalmology practice for many years helping other people with their visual problems. After having waited many years, she decided that it was time to give herself the gift of sight. She had worked with several ophthalmologists and knew exactly who she wanted to be her LASIK surgeon. Her enthusiasm about her results is so pervasive and the procedure has been such a life-changing event for her that she decided to share her experience with as many people as possible. This is why during your visits here, you'll be greeted by her radiant smile when you first walk into our center. She is always ready and happy to share her personal experience with anyone.
I'm so happy with my "brand new" eyes. The staff here at LaserVue is truly the best there is. I make it a point to tell anyone and everyone the awesome care I received here. Thanks again LaserVue!
Dennis C. - Winery Consultant - Age 36 - Multifocal Lens - Cataract
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/25
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20

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