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LaserVue Eye Center was founded by Jay Bansal, MD in 1996 and offers state-of-the-art Vision Correction Procedures including LASIK, PRK, SMILE, Visian ICL and Cataract Surgery to our San Francisco Bay Area patients.

LaserVue’s offices are conveniently located in San Francisco & Santa Rosa, California.

Upon your arrival, you will be well taken care of by and some of the top ophthalmic staff in the Bay Area. Many of our staff at LaserVue have also had laser vision correction themselves.

Come see why so many health care professionals, lawyers, pilots, athletes, professionals, and others just like you in the greater San Francisco Bay Area choose LaserVue Eye Center!


LASIK &  Cataract Surgery
Using Some of the Most Advanced Technology

Why Choose
LaserVue for LASIK?

Have you ever thought about why laser vision correction at different LASIK eye surgery centers varies in price? When comparing prices, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of the procedure including, the pre and post-operative care, the experience of the surgeon, and the technology used. To help you understand the difference, LaserVue Eye Center has developed a set of questions for you to ask when searching for the right laser center for you.

Who will do my
LASIK surgery?

At some centers, several surgeons perform LASIK surgery. Don’t presume that your procedure will necessarily be performed by an experienced LASIK surgeon. At LaserVue Eye Center in San Francisco, Dr. Jay Bansal, a nationally recognized cornea and refractive surgeon, will perform your LASIK procedure. Dr. Bansal is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and is a fellowship trained LASIK Surgeon. Learn more about Dr. Bansal.

What is the price
for my LASIK surgery?

Some laser centers advertise prices that change with your prescription and choice of LASIK surgeon. In addition, all costs may not be included. There are no surprises at LaserVue; we tell you what LASIK costs without dancing around the subject. The skill of your surgeon determines if you can achieve your best possible visual results, so don’t base your decision simply on the price. Your goal is to find a surgeon that will provide the most advanced procedure, an honest assessment about your likely outcomes and risks, quality follow-up care, and a fair price.

Which technology will be used for my LASIK procedure?

There are many different excimer laser technologies available and not all are created equal. Some lasers have limited capabilities for what they can treat so do your homework! Learn which laser or lasers will be used for your LASIK procedure. Find out if it is the latest technology. The LASIK surgeons at LaserVue Eye Center offer Blade-Free Wavefront LASIK technology. This combines some of the most advanced LASIK (excimer laser) technology in the world with the Intralase femtosecond laser for safer, more accurate flap creation.


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San Francisco

LaserVue LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Center San Francisco
711 Van Ness Ave Suite 320,
San Francisco, CA 94102
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-415-346-5500

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Business Location
3540 Mendocino Ave. #200,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-707-522-6200

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Business Location
3540 Mendocino Ave. #200,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-707-522-6200

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