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Affordable Payment Options and Financing For Laser Eye Surgery

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Take the first step towards making your dream of sight without glasses become reality, with an affordable payment plan that fits both your needs and budget.
At LaserVue Eye Center, we continually work with local and national banks, analyzing the best payment plans available to bring you the very best in no interest and low-interest financing available.The online application and approval process below can help many patients learn what their payments are likely to be even before they come into the office for the consultation and exam. Schedule Your Free Exam Today!You can also call us for assistance in instantly verifying your approval for financing – or you can do it yourself here. We are pleased to offer financing options through Ally & CareCredit.

Ally Healthcare Financing


  • Ally Lending simplifies the way you pay for healthcare. Through budget-friendly financing, Ally can help you pay for your vision correction procedures while staying on track with your long-term financial financial goals.*
  • When you apply for Ally, you can choose a monthly plan that fits your budget, with no penalty for paying off your loan early.
  • The application is quick and easy. With Ally’s free online application, the financial support you need to correct your vision is only minutes away and directly at your fingertips.

Ally’s application can be done in 4 easy steps:

  • Visit your service provider
  • Step 1: Pre-Qualify
    • The pre-qualification process is quick and easy with no impact to your credit.
  • Step 2: Select your personalized financing solutions
    • Choose your plan based on your financial goals.
  • Step 3: Apply for financing
    • Credit checks are instant and the process takes less than two minutes.
  • Step 4: E-Sign
    • You’ll receive your documentation via email so you can sign and continue on to treatment.
  • Start Treatment
    • The funds from your Ally loan will come straight to us to pay for your procedure. It’s as simple as that!

Note: If you apply online on your own and are approved, you’ll be asked to contact your service provider to sign your documentation.

You can manage your loan easily from Ally’s online management portal. Schedule automatic payments, view statements, and get quick answers.

Visit Ally today to get started

*Subject to credit review and approval. All loans are unsecured personal loans originated by Ally Bank, Member FDIC.


  • CareCredit makes it easy for you to pay for your vision correction procedure such as LASIK, SMILE, ICL, or Lens Replacement. A CareCredit healthcare credit card can help you pay for your eye surgery with simple convenient monthly payments.– 0% for 24 months with approved credit
    (no interest if paid in full within 24 months, see details on the application form below)
    – Or very affordable extended monthly payments
  • Quick online application and you will receive an online decision in minutes.
  • With the CareCredit healthcare credit card, the answer to clearer vision is right before your eyes.
  • Special financing as low as 0% APR with 24 months to pay for your procedure*

CareCredit – San Francisco

CareCredit – Santa Rosa

*Not all patients qualify for this offer.


  • It’s an account you set up through your employer
  • You will determine an amount you wish to set aside for medical services, working within the limits of your employer’s plan
  • A portion of each paycheck will go toward this predetermined FSA account, and the money is set aside before taxes are deducted
  • Each pay period, an equal installment is taken from your gross salary
  • This money can be used for many things, including medical procedures, copayments, some medications, and sometimes daycare
  • Use it or lose it! Whatever money you do not spend within your insurance plan year, you will forfeit

Many employers offer flexible spending accounts to help offset their employees’ medical expenses. Flexible spending accounts may allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars for certain medical costs, including LASIK. Open enrollment periods are short and only occur once a year. Ask your employer about deducting pre-tax dollars from your paycheck to realize savings on your laser vision correction procedure.


In some cases, your laser vision correction procedure can qualify as a tax-deductible medical expense. You may be able to deduct some, or all, of your fees, subject to the normal IRS guidelines covering medical expense deductions. Please consult with your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

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Don’t Compromise Your Vision at Any Cost!

At LaserVue Eye Center, you can trust us when we say that we do everything possible to offer the best and safest LASIK experience. Every day, we get to bring great joy to people as we watch them go through a life-changing surgery; every day, it’s as fulfilling as the last. We owe everything to our patients and we do everything to ensure that they get the best care possible.

If you’re not confident that your LASIK surgeon or facility is safe, experienced, or trustworthy; you should never risk your vision.

LaserVue is committed to your experience and results.

  • Highly trained and experienced physicians
  • Clinical excellence
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Multiple Laser technologies
  • Strict safety protocol
  • Our Peace Of Mind Promise

The Investment of a Lifetime

In your lifetime, the amount of money spent on costly replacement of eyeglasses, contact lenses, exams, solutions, and cleaners far exceed the amount of money spent for LASIK. Not only is LASIK an incredible life experience, but it’s also a smart financial investment!

Affordable Payment Options

At LaserVue Eye Center, we strive to make LASIK and laser vision correction affordable for any budget. As a service to our Bay Area patients, we are pleased to offer financing options through Ally Lending and CareCredit.

You Deserve the Best

If you’re looking for great results and an excellent LASIK experience, LaserVue Eye Center is right for you. Our mission is to help you achieve your personal best vision!

Dr. Jay Bansal, Ophthalmologist with LASIK Technology and Patient

Price Should Never Be an Obstacle. The best eyecare, regardless of budget.

Whether you require cataract surgery, LASIK, or other eye surgery; you want the best care when it comes to your vision, regardless of your budget. To make quality care accessible to everyone, LaserVue Eye Center offers zero-down financing options with approved credit through Ally Lending, and CareCredit. We also accept all FSA/HSA plans.

Focus On Great Results!

Focus on the great LASIK results with nationally recognized LASIK specialist, Dr. Jay Bansal. When it comes to LASIK results, our doctors have a proven track record of success. With over 25 years of vision correction experience, Dr. Bansal possesses a unique expertise in LASIK.

Our doctors’ confidence is the direct result of an extensive one-on-one consultation process and notable LASIK technology. Trust your eyes to experience and get the results you’re looking for. Click the button below to schedule a free LASIK, PRK, or cataract surgery consultation!

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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Business Location
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Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-707-522-6200

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