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Still Apprehensive About LASIK?

If you find a better price for the same LASIK technology from a reputable surgeon in our geographic area, we’ll match it!

That’s because we believe price should never be the single determining factor when choosing LASIK. What’s most important is the surgeon’s expertise, the technology used and the team that supports you. Here at LaserVue, we are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible and that means receiving the best possible value.

Peace of Mind

Choose Your LASIK Surgeon Carefully

Discount LASIK

There are many reasons to avoid a surgeon advertising $499 per eye. The most compelling reason is that this is almost always a bait and switch tactic to get you in the door. At LaserVue Eye Center, we give you the true price up front because we respect you, your time, and your choices. Your patient experience is important to us, and that’s where we want to focus.

Unknown Surgeons

If you can’t find much information about a surgeon online, be very wary. You should be able to find medical education, history, patient testimonials, and more. A laser eye center should never try to hide its surgeons. Unfortunately, these facilities often offer discount surgeries in an attempt to boost their surgery volume at the expense of putting the patient first.


If you have doubts or reservations about getting LASIK performed by a particular surgeon, don’t do it! LASIK is a surgery like any other and you should never settle for anything but the best. LASIK is an investment to be considered thoroughly and handled with care. Your health and safety are the primary concern—never leave them in inexperienced hands.

"Peace of mind" promise


We offer you our Peace of Mind Promise. We promise our surgeons are some of the most experienced in the area. We promise they will use the most advanced All-Laser LASIK technology. And we promise our friendly, professional staff will be with you every step of the way. How’s that for peace of mind?

Price Assurance Policy*

With LaserVue Eye Center’s price assurance policy you can rest easy knowing if you find a better price on LASIK with the same advanced technology in the Bay area, we will match it!* The truth is, price should not be the determining factor in who you trust for your LASIK procedure so we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best value.

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE LaserVue Eye Center for Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Undergoing laser eye surgery is a major decision that requires extensive research and careful consideration of all of the pros and cons. The most important decision regarding LASIK surgery is the selection of a highly-skilled, experienced LASIK surgeon who utilizes the most advanced vision correction technology. We have created a list of 10 reasons why you should choose Dr. Bansal and LaserVue Eye Center for your laser eye surgery.


LaserVue’s surgeons and clinical team have completed many years of academic and clinical training. The practice’s lead surgeon – Dr. Jay Bansal – has performed more than 40,000 laser eye surgery procedures. His surgical excellence has been recognized by many eye doctors, military personnel, and others who have selected him as their LASIK surgeon.


LaserVue Eye Center offers more LASIK technology onsite than most LASIK centers. As the first practice in Northern California to offer the Zeiss VisuMax Femtosecond Laser, Visx Star S4 excimer laser, WaveLight Allegretto excimer laser, and the Intralase FS60 femtosecond laser, we are committed to providing only the safest and most advanced technology for the benefit of our patients’ vision. We strongly believe that our patients deserve a variety of options so we find and use the ideal technology to suit their individual needs. At LaserVue Eye Center, our patients are offered the spectrum of advanced laser procedures such as LASIK, ZEISS SMILE, PRK, and Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL).


LaserVue employs only highly trained experienced technicians and support staff. Many of the professionals who work at our locations in San Francisco and Santa Rosa have more than 10 years’ experience in the field of refractive eye surgery. Our doctors thoroughly evaluate each patient’s eyes to determine candidacy for vision correction procedures.


Dr. Jay Bansal has performed more than 40,000 laser eye correction surgeries, and he boasts an impressive success record and a very low rate of complications. Although the risk of complications cannot be completely eliminated, Dr. Bansal has significantly reduced the likelihood of side effects by using the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies and applying his extensive training and experience to every procedure.


Dr. Bansal and his team understand that many patients feel apprehensive about laser eye correction surgery. They treat all of their patients with the utmost compassion and attentiveness, reducing patients’ anxiety and allowing them to enjoy their vision transformation experience.


For the convenience of our patients, we perform LASIK at several locations throughout the Bay Area, we have LASIK centers in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California.


Unlike many chain LASIK centers that are owned by corporations geared toward making a profit for shareholder investors, LaserVue is owned and operated by the eye surgeon who founded the practice. We are dedicated to providing the safest, most effective treatments for all of our patients. To minimize the risk of complications and help ensure excellent surgical outcomes, Dr. Bansal regularly attends and presents at continuing education seminars and invests in the latest laser eye surgery technologies.


At LaserVue, we strive to make LASIK affordable for as many people as possible. We offer competitive LASIK pricing with premium level of service, technology, and care.


For patients who cannot afford the full price of laser eye surgery, we offer several convenient financing plans. Some plans require no down payments, and others feature zero-interest and low monthly payments.


Our laser eye surgery patients are highly satisfied with their vision correction results, as the vast majority of them achieve 20/20 vision or better. In addition, most of our patients do not require eyeglasses or contact lenses after their LASIK treatments. If you would like to learn what our patients say about their laser eye correction surgery in the San Francisco Bay area, please visit the testimonials page.

Dr. Jay Bansal and his medical team encourage you to begin your journey toward freedom from glasses and contact lenses today. Schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Bansal by calling 800-527-3745 or make an appointment online.

*Price assurance is only applicable to same procedure and same technology. LaserVue may refuse a price match on a case-by-case basis.

San Francisco

LaserVue LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Center San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA 94102
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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Business Location
3540 Mendocino Ave. #200,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-707-522-6200

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