The Hidden Cost of Contact Lenses

Welcome to the real world, fam. It’s a world where working 9-to-5 really means 8-to-6:30, where coffee > blood in sustaining life and where your eyes and back (maintain good posture!!) are often unhappy.

If you’re getting ready to start your first internship, you’ll understand soon enough. Yes, internships are an amazing way to gain experience, learn new skills, hone your talents and grow your career network (+ give up the goods for free). But you’ll soon find out that office life poses a few challenges, some especially for people with contacts.

So, after you iron your dress shirt, pack your bag and search for the best pho spot nearby, beware these four contacts mishaps that could happen on your first day.

1. The early morning rush

After taking only afternoon classes all semester, you’re used to sleeping in. Well, that doesn’t fly in #CorporateAmerica. Just don’t forget to put your contacts in because you’ve overslept. Or put them in inside out. Or put the wrong contact in the wrong eye.

2. Inky hands

As the intern, you’re probably going to have to make copies at some point, among other things (e.g. coffee). This may involve swapping out toner or ink ribbons, which may involve getting goopy ink on your hands, which may involve getting all Lady Macbeth in the bathroom as you try to work the stains out of your fingers. Just remember to keep your inky mitts away from your face. You don’t want to accidentally add a beauty mark, and you don’t want that ink getting on your contact lens.

3. Cleaning supplies

While we’re on the subject of rubbing things in your eyes — and completing degrading tasks, for that matter — you may be asked to clean something. Dust can be quiet the irritant. Cleaning supplies can be too. If they’re bugging you and your eyes start watering, be careful about rubbing your eyes. You don’t want to accidentally rub a contact out, because…

4. Contact overboard

Internships are about making a good, professional impression. And asking your potential future employers to get on their hands and knees in the middle of the workday to help you find your lost lens is not a good look.

Ok, so you probably won’t blow it on your first day because of your contacts. But, legit, they are a nuisance in the workplace and in the classroom and in your apartment and lots and lots of places.

And if they’re a nuisance you want to put behind you, maybe it’s time for a change. LASIK is a vision correction solution without the hassles of contacts and glasses (and can even be cheaper than contacts in the long run). You can learn more about it at or ask us any questions you have about LASIK. Call us at (800) 527-3745 or fill out the form below to get in touch with us and learn more about LASIK. We’ll respond as soon as possible!