Q: PRK What Went Wrong

I had PRK surgery about six weeks ago with another LASIK provider. Pre PRK surgery my prescription was -1.0 in both. Post PRK my prescription is -3.0 and +0.50 in both. It is so hard for me to function normally that I had to get glasses. I’m really worry that something went wrong. My eye doctor says that I’m just a slow healer but never did he tell me that this could happen when I ask him about the risks. Will my eyes get better? Is it normal for them to get so much worse than they were originally? I feel very regretful!

A: PRK Results

It is still possible that both eyes might end up with excellent results. Healing after PRK can be variable and occasionally does require an extended period of time.

There is the possibility that the original prescription was incorrect or that the prescription set into the laser was incorrect. The surgeon should continue to assist you until the treatment is improved.

At this time, I would recommend being patient and communicating openly with your doctor. Most likely, you will eventually be happy with your decision although it might require a second procedure if the healing process does not improve the vision over the next few weeks or months.

There is also the possibility of consulting a second doctor to obtain further advice. That might help ease your concerns.

LASIK and PRK are very successful procedures with 99% satisfaction rates. Both LASIK and PRK are surgical procedures and can have complications. Your surgeon should work with you if these occur.