We can! We have two great alternatives for patients wanting to reduce their dependence on readers:

MonoVision LASIK: MonoVision LASIK is a great option for people with presbyopia. In the LASIK procedure, we correct one eye for your distance vision and the other for up-close. Many patients enjoy this option as it can eliminate the need for readers.

Premium Lenses: We offer three FDA-approved intraocular lenses (IOL) that are designed to help you see near, far and everything in-between. With three lenses to choose from we can decide which is best suited for you, your lifestyle and your vision to give you the best chance for visual freedom. The best part…having a premium lens now means you will never have cataracts!

Every patient’s visual needs are different. Call us today at 800-527-3745 to schedule an exam and to discuss your options for lens-free living!