Q: Should I Have Lasik to Correct to 20/20 ?

I am 26 yrs old and my prescription is stable at -5.75 in right eye with -1.00 astigmatism, 42 axis and -6.00 in left eye with -1.00 astigmatism nd 136 axis. Corneal thickness: 502 microns in both eyes. I do not have dry eyes issues. I am Asian (Indian ) Should I go for Lasik as I am totally frustrated with glasses wearing them for almost 14 years ? Is my corneal thickness good enough to correct my refractive error ? Will it be too risky for me to have it ? which surgery technique would be best?

A: You appear to be a good candidate for a refractive laser vision correction procedure. I would add that while 20/20 (or even better) is the goal of every procedure, it is not 100% guaranteed. Some people will not be correctable to 20/20 and while the laser is extremely accurate, nothing is 100% predictable and individual variations can lead to occasional residual refractive error. 20/20 is likely but not guaranteed.