Question: I had LASIK 3 weeks ago and while taking a shower a drop of water went into the eye, there is no discomfort but wondering if this is okay? or should i book an appointment with my optometrist?

Answer: Three weeks following surgery there is usually not an issue with getting a little water in the eye from the shower. Many LASIK centers typically allow patients to shower normally after just 1-2 weeks. Unless you vision is abnormal, there is pain, or some other sign that there might be something wrong, you can probably wait until your next appointment.

If this is causing you stress, however, it would be simple just to schedule a quick checkup. It might relieve your anxiety over this and give you greater peace of mind.

Another option would be to put a drop of the antibiotic in that eye. This is another frequently advised treatment even if water gets in the eye during the first day or two after LASIK.