For obvious reasons, patients want to know which LASIK procedure is the safest, the most advanced, and the most effective. All surgeries have their own unique risks, and people want to be as informed as they possibly can be before making such a large investment.

When it comes to laser eye surgery, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every patient has a unique set of eyes, unlike any other patient that came before them. Every LASIK procedure has its different strengths and weaknesses as well. It can be argued multiple ways which LASIK procedure is the safest or most advanced.

The safest LASIK procedure

However, when it comes to safety, the All-Laser Custom LASIK would be our choice. Also known as femtosecond laser technology, when it was first approved for public use it was a bit rough around the edges. The technology and techniques have greatly improved over the years and the result has been a huge decrease in the number of procedures wherein the patient develops complications. It used to be that the corneal flap created in LASIK procedures was cut using a microkeratome, which is a precise surgical blade. That technique resulted in about 1 in 500 cases with complications. All-Laser Custom LASIK has reduced that number to near zero. Because of this, it can be argued that All-Laser is the safest LASIK procedure available.

The most advanced LASIK procedure

The “most advanced” LASIK procedure is just as debatable. CustomVue with IR by AMO is what we would vote. As one of the oldest platforms, CustomVue has been upgraded many, many times over the years and continues to go strong. In this way, at least, it can be said that CustomVue has advanced more than other platforms. The science behind how it works is very advanced as well. Doctors use a device called a WaveScan unit, which precisely measures the shape of the patient’s eye. Not only does the WaveScan unit determine the patient’s prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism (lower order aberrations), but it also measures the higher order aberrations, which determine how light bounces around within the eye. These aberrations cause things like glare and halos.

Using advanced algorithms, WaveScan measures all of these imperfections and determines what must be done to correct for them. After the treatment, patients can have improved night vision and can potentially see better than they did while using their glasses or contacts.

The most effective LASIK procedure

Finally, when it comes to the “most effective” LASIK procedure, it’s all a matter of what’s right for your eyes. Even the “most advanced” LASIK procedure may not be right for your particular needs—there may be a better way to correct your vision. The best thing to do is to consult with a doctor directly about what’s best. Working together, you and your doctor can find the most effective procedure.