What Patients Can Expect After LASIK Eye Surgery

Extremely safe and incredibly popular, LASIK is a brief surgical procedure that can significantly improve your eyesight. At LaserVue Eye Center, the patient experience is one of our top priorities. Using the latest LASIK technology, we deliver to you the best possible vision without compromise. One of the most common questions patients ask us is what they can expect from the recovery process after their LASIK eye surgery. How long will it take? Will it hurt? While recovery experiences can differ from patient to patient, following your surgeon’s aftercare instruction will help ensure you are on the quickest and most effective path to your best vision.

Read on to learn what you may expect following a LASIK surgical procedure.

Immediately Following LASIK Surgery

For the majority of LASIK patients, improved vision is noticeable almost directly after surgery. But as with any surgical procedure, there will be a healing and recovery period so it is important to be patient and cautious as your eyes heal.

Your eyes will begin to heal immediately after your LASIK procedure but it is normal to experience some hazy vision and fluctuations in your overall vision during the first weeks or even months following LASIK.

Directly following your LASIK procedure as the topical anesthesia wears off, you will likely experience some discomfort. Most patients describe the sensation as an itching or burning feeling. This is completely normal and your LASIK surgeon will provide instructions for using lubricating eye drops and pain relievers should you require them. Your eyes may tear and your vision may be blurry but you must be certain you DO NOT rub or make physical contact with your eyes in any way.

Your surgeon will send you home with anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops to support the healing process. Protective eye shields for you to wear during sleep will also be provided to prevent any unintentional eye rubbing or foreign objects from getting too close.

After Surgery…

  • Do not drive for 24 hours
  • Avoid strenuous activity
  • Wear protective eye shield
  • Do not touch or rub eyes
  • Use eye drops
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions

Some patients experience a number of different symptoms following surgery including sensitivity to light, glare, or haloes around light sources.

Contact your doctor immediately if you are experiencing severe pain or if your vision-related symptoms become worse.

What to Expect Days/Weeks After LASIK Surgery

In the days following your procedure, your doctor will want to perform a follow-up examination to monitor the healing process and to test your vision to ensure recovery is going smoothly. This is also a good opportunity to discuss and post-operation symptoms you may be experiencing.

After the first few days, you should be able to go back to work, drive your car, and begin enjoying many of your regular daily activities. Strenuous activity should still be avoided to protect your eyes from impact or any foreign objects. Light exercise is ok but be careful not to let sweat get in your eyes. You should be able to begin showering the day after surgery but should be careful not to get any soap or other chemicals in your eye, you should also refrain from wearing any makeup to prevent infection. It is also wise to stay out of swimming pools, hot tubs, rivers, or lakes for at least 1 week.

It is important to continue following any of your doctor’s instructions. Using eye drops as directed and making sure to prevent anything thing that may cause infection or physical contact. Redness, irritation, and discomfort should progressively diminish during the first week.

Your eyes are still healing.

  • Your vision will fluctuate daily, this is normal
  • Continue wearing protective eyewear
  • Discomfort will continue to diminish
  • Do not wear makeup and similar products near eyes
  • Avoid getting water or sweat in eyes
  • Avoid strenuous activity like contact sports
  • Avoid dusty or dirty environments
  • Continue following doctor’s instructions

It is OK to watch TV, read, or work in front of a computer. Just remember to take frequent breaks and keep using recommended eyes drops to lubricate your eyes. You should also wear UV blocking sunglasses when outside for continued protection during the healing process.

What to Expect Weeks/Months After LASIK Surgery

The majority of vision changes you will experience after your LASIK procedure will occur within the first couple of days but your vision will continue to change for the next several weeks and months. Minor fluctuation in your vision is normal. Note that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for your vision to completely stabilize.

During this time, any lingering vision problems such as light sensitivity, glare, or halos around lights should slowly diminish and disappear. Lubricating eye drops should also no longer be needed. As your eyes continue to heal, your ophthalmologist will be monitoring your vision during any required post-operative check-ups.

Please contact us immediately if at any time during your recovery you experience the following:

  • Severe pain
  • Loss of vision
  • Impacts or injury to an operative eye
  • Light sensitivity symptoms worsen
  • New or unusual symptoms

Connect with a Trusted Local LASIK Surgeon

Working together with your LASIK surgeon during your recovery and healing process is necessary for an ideal outcome. Follow your doctor’s instructions and contact your surgeon with any concerns or questions you may have about your vision.

If you or a loved one is considering a LASIK laser vision correction surgery or wish to learn more about the procedure, please call or contact online the expert team at LaserVue Eye Center. Schedule a comprehensive evaluation at any of our locations in San Francisco or Santa Rosa to learn what your options are. Working together we can achieve your best possible vision.