Question: got lasik seven days ago was about -5.75 sph and -0.75 cyl in each eye now after 7 days of surgery i still have blurring of vision i went today to my dr and checked my vision by his assistant my data was RT SPH +0.25 CYL -0.50 AXIS 37 LT SPH -0.50 CYL -0.50 AXIS 8 then his assistant tried some lens from lens box and it wasnt perfect but was better so i really need some advise does these data worth enhancement surgery

Answer: Your vision and your glasses prescription can fluctuate significantly in the first days and weeks following LASIK surgery. Edema and swelling as well as surface dryness and rearrangement of the cornea’s epithelial layer and all lead to significant shifts during the early time period.

Follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully regarding eye drop instillation, including artificial tears as well as the antibiotics and other medications. Statistics show that vision continues to improve following LASIK surgery even as far as 1 year after the procedure. The surgeon will likely wait at least 3 months following the surgery to decide if a touch-up might be warranted.

At this point, it is too early to tell what the end results might be. A half diopter is relatively small but LASIK surgery, PRK, or some other iteration might be performed when warranted for small prescriptions such as this if they cause significant visual difficulties. Be patient. I’m confident that the surgeon will help you make the decision when the time arrives.