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Jay Bansal, MD

Experience That Matters

Dr. Jay Bansal has been performing LASIK the Bay Area for over two decades. He has performed thousands of LASIK eye surgery cases and is highly recognized nationally, among his peers. He brings dedication, talent and experience to every patient that walk into his eye center. Recognized as a VISX Star Surgeon and one of “America’s Top Ophthalmologists” by Consumers’ Research Council, Dr. Bansal was among the first eye surgeons in California to perform both the LASIK & SMILE procedures.

Jay Bansal MD

More Than Just a LASIK Eye Center

LaserVue Eye Center is simply dedicated to the best in patient care, best outcomes and best overall patient satisfaction. Because of this steadfast dedication we not only offer LASIK eye surgery, but we offer a mix of vision correction procedures. No two patients are the same to us and we want to make sure you get the best visual result. What if LASIK is not the best option for you? If not, we will explain why and offer a vision correction procedure that better suits your needs and age. At LaserVue Eye Center you get the best chance for the best possible vision.

Our Mountain View office serves more than  just the immediate Mountain View part of silicon valley but other counties including Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda. We reach out to the cities of Cupertino, San Jose, Milpitas, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Saratoga and Campbell where we work with several optometrists.

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No Matter What Your Age Is We Have Vision Correction For You!

Many patients think LASIK eye surgery is just for younger people and all this procedure is ideal for younger patients LaserVue has vison correction procedures of all ages. We have you covered.

LASIK Eye Surgery
SMILE eye surgery
Lens Replacement Surgery
Presbyopia Correction
Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lens
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What Are the Benefits of LASIK?

There are several benefits to LASIK, some of which include fast visual recovery, limited if any discomfort, and a lowered risk of glare and halos. It is a very rare day when we talk to a patient that is not happy with their overall LASIK outcome. We say most patients are 20/202 Happy! LASIK has many benefits including:

  • Fast visual recovery with immediate ability to see
  • Immediate lifestyle benefit including playing sports
  • No more hassles of contact and glasses
  • Lifetime cost savings
  • More self-confidence and a better visual appearance without glasses
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What Are the Costs Associated with LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery costs in Santa Rosa and the SF bay area can drastically vary, but for the most part the prices range between $2500 and $3600. LASIK prices can vary depending on LASIK surgeon experience, the level of technology and the overall experience provided. When shopping for LASIK please be aware of chain discounters that in many cases use a bait you with a low price advertisement and then switch you to a higher price blaming the rate hike on your prescription. At LaserVue you can expect a straightforward price and a high quality LASIK experience.

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LaserVue Accuracy - Advanced LASIK Technology

Our LASIK Technology is second to none. We offer eye tracking for all of our LASIK patients. The new eye tracker presents many benefits to our patients and makes LASIK safer than ever before. Eye tracking allows lasers used during LASIK surgery to compensate for eye movements during the procedure, thus adding an important level of assurance.

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What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK stands for (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis). During the LASIK procedure a thin flap is created with a femtosecond laser, which enable the procedure to be entirely blade-less. Prior to this laser, a blade driven microkeratome had been used and this new laser is considered safer. Once the flap is created an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea. Once the laser treatment is over the flap is then repositioned and drops are applied to begin the healing process.

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What Can You Expect When You Have LASIK at LaserVue Eye Center?

Because peace of mind is paramount in our brand promise there are 3 basic things you can expect from the doctors and staff at Laser Vue Eye Center.

  • A promise that we have some of Bay Area’s finest and most experienced LASIK surgeons.
  • A promise that we invest in the most advanced and safest LASIK and vision correction technology.
  • A promise that you will find a courteous and compassionate staff waiting to guide you through the surgical process.

What People Are Saying

5 stars

"It's crazy to say that after 13+ years, I'm officially breaking up with glasses and contacts! Dr. Jay Bansal and his staff are wonderful. From start to finish, the process was very quick, efficient, and painless. I came in last Thursday to the Mountain View location for the consultation appointment and was very impressed with how accommodating the staff was, how informative they were with the tests and the results they took, and how detailed they were about the procedure. I would highly recommend LASIK to anyone - especially with Dr. Jay Bansal. You won't regret it!"

Tiffany T.
5 stars

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John S.
San Francisco, CA
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