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As an optometrist, patients often ask me where to get LASIK, and my response has confidently always been with Dr. Bansal. When it finally became time to put words to action for my own eyes I couldn't imagine placing my trust in anyone else's hands. I can 100% say I am happy with the results of my own surgery, and am glad I decided to make this investment!

From beginning to end, Dr. Bansal and his staff provide an engaging and comfortable experience. They are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. They have a state of the art facility with top of the line equipment, which allows them to be up to date with the latest in surgical procedures and technology. I initially had wanted to get SMILE done, but after looking at my prescription and exam results it was determined that the best visual outcome would be achieved through LASIK. This transparency and dedication to do what's best for each individual, is why I will continue to send my patients to Dr. Bansal!

Dr. Doug Go
Dr. Doug Go - Optometrist - Age N/A - LASIK
Before After
testimonial brown hair woman
This procedure was simpler than I thought it would be. My vision is already the way it was when I was a kid--less than a day later! The staff and doctors were all professional, friendly, and encouraging.
Beth B. - Mathematics Professor - Age 35 - iLASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/200 20/15
Left Eye 20/200 20/20
Being a math professor, Beth already knew the mathematical formulas behind the science and technology that we have here at LaserVue Eye Center. She had done ample research and came in inquiring specifically about Intra-LASIK, which was exactly what she ended up getting. I'm glad and proud to have restored her "youthful" vision.
testimonial man grey/blonde hair
Fantastic! I have received complete support in all aspects of my care. The doctors and staff have been caring, responsive, and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend LaserVue Eye Center to anyone with vision problems.
Andy W. - U.S. Superior Court Judge - Age 54 - iLASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/200 20/25
Left Eye 20/200 20/20
As a Superior Court judge, Andy knew better than anyone else to go with a reputable surgeon with a solid record. He healed very well, partly due to how carefully he followed all the post-operative instructions and recommendations. I realize that he had number of refractive laser centers to choose from and the entire staff here at LaserVue feels very honored that he has chosen our center for his personal best vision correction and care.
testimonial man
The entire staff was very professional and friendly. The examinations were not rushed and very calm. It was a rewarding experience.
Emil S. - Retired - Age 76 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/150 20/20
Left Eye 20/100 20/20
Having had "perfect vision" during the first 40 years of his life, Emil became frustrated with needing multiple pairs of glasses for distance and up close, so he decided to pay us a visit. He felt a little apprehensive about getting LASIK at his age so we assured him that we have done the procedure on many patients, including those as much as ten years his senior. He is thrilled about not needing a multitude of glasses for various functions and hobbies anymore. Now he can wake up and see!
Testimonial woman 5
The outer office staff is great, friendly, and happy. The doctors are wonderful. You are stuck with me forever. Thank you.
Sandra K. - Retired - Age 65 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/40 20/20
Left Eye
Sandra has always faced the challenge of having an asymmetric prescription, in which one eye sees a lot better than the other. Her eyes became increasingly strained due to the disparity between her eyes so she decided to have LASIK in her right eye. After her procedure, she started seeing better in her right eye than her left but I'm quite certain it's a change that Sandra will have no problem sdjusting to. We're perfectly happy to be "stuck" with you as a patient forever.
testimonial man
The staff and my experience here at LaserVue are great!
Armando A. - Student - Age 18 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye N/A N/A
Left Eye 20/200 20/20
Armando has had poor vision for as long as he could remember. He has never seen well with his glasses because of the type of prescription he had. Well, it felt like eternity to him waiting for his 18th birthday so he can have this procedure done and throw away his glasses for good. The FDA requires every patient to be at least 18 years old in order to get LASIK. Well now he'll have countless more decades to enjoy with the vision he has always wanted.
Everything LaserVue Eye Center had told me was exactly the way the result turned out--I was very pleased with the job they did.
Barbara L. - Retired - Age 66 - LASIK for Monovision
Before After
Right Eye 20/30 20/20
Left Eye 20/40 20/20
Frustrated with her poor vision and having multiple pairs of glasses, Barbara opted for monovision. This is a setup when one eye is set for distance while the other is corrected precisely for up close viewing. There's an adaptation period involved when patients have never tried this before but once they adjust, they get to enjoy the "best of both worlds." I tell every patient that monovision is not for every individual but when it works for you, it's a great multi-functional setup. Barbara had already tried monovision with contacts before seeking our help to make it permanent and the results turned out wonderful. She can now drive and read the menu at a restaurant without glasses.
Testimonial woman
I am so thankful for the freedom that has been given to me by the staff at LaserVue. I began my journey with very poor vision and I have 20/20 acuity now. I love waking up and being able to see everything without glasses or contacts. I'm very active and I can see in the pool now, while wakeboarding and biking--it really is a whole new world for me. Thank you all so much!
Carrie E. - Self Employed - Age 32 - PRK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
Carrie had very specific needs when she came in to our center because of the unique shape of her cornea(outermost surface of the eye). Even though some centers had recommended her to have PRK(photo-refractive keratectomy), she was a bit apprehensive about having that procedure because of the longer healing time. Luckily, our IntraLase technology was able to deliver exactly what she was looking for--fast healing with the versatility to treat almost any corneal profile. Today, Carrie is able to enjoy her weekend outdoor adventures without any restrictions.
testimonial man
I have nothing but good things to say. I was extremely nearsighted before the surgery and 20/20 the next day. The staff was very professional & competent--they made the whole process extremely easy. I can't recommend them and the surgery enough.
Anonymous - Public Relations - Age 31 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
It was so rewarding to see the expression on Phil's face when he came back the day after his procedure--it was pure joy and disbelief. Given how nearsighted he was to begin with, it was no wonder how shocked he was with the immediate outcome. These are the moments which constantly remind myself and every staff member here at LaserVue why we do what we do everyday.
Testimonial woman 3
I was very excited coming into this. I got very nervous on the day of my procedure but everyone, including the lady at the desk, was extremely nice and made me feel at ease. My biggest amazement was how fast the actual surgery took and the only pain I felt was some slight pressure in the beginning. About an hour after the surgery I felt a little burning but the Valium kicked in and after my nap, I felt nothing. The next day was fabulous--I could see! I haven't had any problems and I am very grateful for the procedure. Thank you very much!!!
Caroline F. - Student - Age 22 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/200 20/20
Left Eye 20/200 20/20
Thank you for sharing your personal experience with all of our current and prospective patients. I believe your honest depiction will help a lot of people get a better sense of how LASIK works. We're enthused that you're happy with your new 20/20 vision!

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