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Testimonial woman 9
My overall experience with laser surgery has been wonderful. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. My life is 100% better without the pain and hassle of contacts or glasses. The staff at LaserVue are awesome and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. They were super friendly and I have recommended LaserVue to everyone. My only concern about my surgery experience was the pain for about 2-3 hours after the surgery. The pain was worth it though and I would do it again if needed. Thank you for my new eyes!
Elizabeth K. - Paralegal - Age 31 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/20
Left Eye 20/400 20/25
Elizabeth's challenge from the beginning was the need for her to be out of contact lenses for at least three weeks before her procedure because of her toric lenses. She was extremely determined to overcome any obstacle along the way and she toughed it out for a whole month. Today, her perseverence has paid off and she definitely does not have to deal with the "hassle of contacts or glasses" anymore.
Testimonial Woman Image
I had one of the worst astigmatism cases and for years my eyes were not even considered correctable with laser surgery until I visited Dr. Bansal at LaserVue and to my amazement, he told me I was a candidate. His warm and kind advice convinced me to have the surgery even though I was very apprehensive about how the results would turn out. Within 24 hours, I was seeing 100% better and much better than any of my expectations. Dr. Bansal and his staff have been so professional and courteous. The surgery was painless and within a couple of weeks, I was so thrilled and excited about all of my decisions. I highly recommend Dr. Bansal, his staff, and LaserVue for all they do. I wouldn't trade my vision now for anything. I thank God and the doctors and staff at LaserVue each and everyday for my new and precious vision. Thank you.
Esther S. - Environmental Service Aide - Age 49 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/200 20/25
Left Eye 20/100 20/25
Esther had been told by numerous other centers that her prescription was too high to get this procedure done. What had brought her to us was our Allegretto laser platform, which is capable of treating astigmatism up to six diopters. I still remember how astounded she looked when I told her that we would be able to help her. She had endured and struggled for many years with poor vision. This procedure has not only granted her the ability to see clearly but it has liberated her from many restrictions that had limited her way of life. Enjoy your new vision Esther!
I have been wearing glasses since I was 10 years old. At age 13, I began alternating between soft contacts and glasses. At 18, I was put into hard contacts. By 29, I had had it with the daily cleaning, dryness, money for cleansers, contacts, and frames. It was time for a change. Dr. Bansal and the staff at LaserVue Eye Center came highly recommended from friends and family members. The surgery was quick and painless--the anticipation was the most painful part! It is now 6 months after my surgery and I went from not being able to see the big "E" to 20/20 vision! I am amazed. I would do the whole thing again and I would highly recommend this facility to anyone contemplating eye surgery. The entire staff is friendly, professional, and full of information. They have made this transition in my life comfortable and successful!!
Jaime D. - Teacher - Age 28 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
Jaime has been such a pleasant patient and joy every step of the way. It seemed like she had been through the whole works--rigid lenses, soft lenses, glasses and finally the solution that would replace all the aforementioned--getting LASIK done. I'm certainly happy with her outcome and congratulations to your new found freedom.
Jay Bansal with Patient
I had a great experience with LaserVue Eye Center. On the day of my surgery with LaserVue, I was out the door within 45 minutes, with the actual surgery time being less than ten minutes! The next day my vision was already 20/15 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left eye, and I haven't seen like this since I was a kid! I found the entire process to be a great experience and all the visits with the doctors have been wonderful. It was very painless, and I'm still enjoying my great vision. Thank you.
Joe L. - Chief Financial Officer - Age 51 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/15
Left Eye 20/400 20/15
Having a very demanding career and schedule, Joe has very specific visual needs and wanted us to meet them. Given that he had heard about us from his friend, he was extremely easy to counsel because he had learned most of the information from his friend already. He knew exactly what he needed and wanted from us and we gave him exactly what he had asked for. He was absolutely thrilled the day after his surgery, as he was already seeing 20/15 (better than 20/20)! I don't want to take all the credit for the success, as Joe has been an absolute "perfect" patient from the beginning, in terms of abiding by all of our recommendations. You've earned your new vision Joe!
Testimonial man 1
I am recommending this surgery because it is definitely worth it.
Joseph S. - Attendant - Age 24 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/50 20/15
Left Eye 20/50 20/15
Joseph was tired of wearing his glasses, especially at work. He wanted to free up his lifestyle and be able to enjoy his hobbies without any restrictions. Well, we did just that and he's now enjoying his new vision. After the surgery, he can now see down to the bottom of the eye chart with five lines of improvement.
Testimonial Woman
I've been wearing glasses and contacts since I was in the 7th grade and the idea of not having to take out my contacts every night or being able to actually see the alarm in the morning and even traveling without my glasses seemed so hard to believe. Now after my surgery and being able to do all of that is simply amazing! Dr. Singh and her staff were extremely kind, assuring and caring throughout the entire process, which really made this a surprisingly pleasant experience. I would recommend LaserVue to anyone interested in LASIK surgery--it was truly awesome!
Karen L. - Architect - Age 23 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/15
Left Eye 20/CF 20/15
Testimonial woman 1
My experience with LaserVue has been so wonderful. I had a great treatment and the way they had counseled me through the procedure made it all a very simple and calming experience. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn't know exactly what to expect but because they had explained and broken down the procedure step-by-step, I immediately gained confidence with the center and staff there. Now that I had my surgery, it is truly amazing how quickly I noticed my results. I'm very, very happy.
Maria C. - Loan Processor - Age 33 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/100 20/20
Left Eye 20/100 20/20
At first, Maria was a bit unsure about getting LASIK because relatively speaking, her prescription wasn't that high to begin with. She had been walking around blurry without contacts or glasses all her life! After much careful consideration, she decided to have it done because she was tired of not being able to see, especially at night. Today, she is extremely happy about her decision. Not only can she see now but she feels much more comfortable driving at night. Now looking back, she cannot believe that she had walked around with such blurry vision for so many years. We're glad that she'll feel safer behind the wheel now.
My experience with the LASIK process has been great! I was fairly nervous about the surgery, but it only took 5-10 minutes and the doctors kept me very calm. I experienced only an hour of pain after the surgery, but it was mainly due to the Valium not having had its desired effect in time. The first week after surgery I was unable to wear make-up and anything that got in my eye was irritating. As long as I kept using eye drops my irritation/dryness in my eyes did not exist. It took a month for my vision to totally stabilize. Overall, the benefit has outweighed the slightly uncomfortable healing process. The only thing I stress is to always use eyedrops when the doctors recommend them! They will help out immensely!
Marika H. - Sales Associate - Age 23 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/20
Left Eye 20/400 20/20
Being a busy student and working at the same time, Marika was tired of not being able to see. Having a multitude of daily obligations meant she really needed to be on the go all the time, whether it was to go to work or class. She has worn contact lenses for several years and everything has "become a hassle" for her amidst her hectic schedule. Marika was quite nervous on the day of her procedure because she knew that this would be a life-changing event. We really took things slow with her to help ease her anxiety that day and she ended up doing very well. I think she was even shocked herself on how easy the procedure really was when everything was done. Post-operatively, she did experience some level of dryness which for most people, goes away within the first two months. This is the reason why we stress the importance of using lubricating eye drops after the procedure. Today, having poor vision is one thing that Marika will not have to worry about amidst her busy schedule.
Testimonial woman 1
Wow! I can see. I have been working in the LASIK field for about two and a half years now. Seeing patients getting it done, it is amazing. Having experienced it myself, it is the best thing I can ever ask for-- not to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore. Dr. Bansal is truly a good surgeon. Dr. Bansal, thank you for my vision. You are the best!!!
Mary N. - Surgical Technician - Age 22 - PRK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/40
My experience here at LaserVue was simply amazing. It was a very relaxing experience. All the receptionist/staff were very nice and informative and helpful in many ways. Dr. Bansal was great. During the day of my surgery, he was extremely relaxed yet he put me at ease on how the surgery was going to go. The whole surgery staff was very good and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Tseng was very informative during my pre- and post-surgical visits. He answered all of my questions, and I had more than quite a few. My whole experience here has been great. They were all helpful, friendly, relaxing, and very informative. Thank you again for giving me better vision than I ever imagined. It was truly an amazing experience. Thank you.
Michael D. - Student - Age 19 - iLASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/CF 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
Michael is a very active athlete and he became increasingly frustrated with his glasses and contacts. He came to us hoping to eliminate his dependence on them forever. He healed very well and all the staff here at LaserVue Eye Center is very happy for his newfound freedom to pursue his goals and hobbies.

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