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Testimonial man 2
Everyone at LaserVue was every helpful in fully explaining the expectations and mechanics of the procedure. The end result has been up to my full expectations. They were all very professional and honest as to realistic expectations and results. Plus, they were very courteous during all the follow-up visits.
Michael R. - Fisherman - Age 60 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/70 20/20
Left Eye 20/60 20/20
It has been such a pleasure to have Michael under our care for over a year now. He had been turned away several times from some LASIK centers when he initially decided to have the procedure done. A few years ago, the technology was not ideal for people with certain amounts of astigmatism to undergo this procedure. However, with the advent of wavefront technology, Michael now sees as well as he has always hoped for--20/20. Wavefront technology has been around since the latter part of 2003 and I'm proud that LaserVue Eye Center was the first and only center to be equipped with this advanced technology in the Bay Area. It seems like Michael's patience has definitely paid off--congratulations on your new vision!
Testimonial woman 6
A few days after my surgery, I could not believe what I had missed out on for over 15 years! I thought I was seeing everything in the world with the help of glasses and contact lenses before I had the surgery, but I was wrong. I don't know how it's possible or how to explain it but I see more colors and crisp beautiful details of everything that I didn't even know existed before. This is a life-changing experience and all the consistent care provided by LaserVue throughout the whole process really made me feel safe and comfortable. Also now I realize that there were activities that I had subconsciously avoided doing because I felt disabled(to see). It's amazing to feel that I now have this ability to see all the beauties of this world--thanks to LaserVue!
Rie S. - HR Manager - Age 27 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/15
Left Eye 20/400 20/15
Rie's comments really resonated with the general concensus from most LASIK patients after their procedure. There's this sense of empowerment to pursue their hobbies and interests without any restriction or limitation. In addition, it's not uncommon for patients to actually see better after the surgery than their pre-operative vision with glasses and/or contacts. I'm glad that you're seeing the world better and enjoying your life more now.
It was probably one of the best things I've ever done. I was a little surprised by how easy the surgery was and how little pain there was. Immediately after the surgery, things were a little fuzzy but within a day or two things became much better. You may get a little bit of glare from lights right after the surgery but all that went away, as I have been told by my doctors before the surgery. I'm glad that I did this.
Roger H. - Electronics - Age 51 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/400 20/15
Left Eye 20/400 20/15
Roger felt a little nervous before the procedure but he couldn't believe how simple everything was when it was all over. It would be an understatement to say that he had done much better than anything he had ever expected. He was a bit concerned about the initial glare at night but when everything subsided, it reaffirmed his decision to get LASIK in the first place. This is why we spend quite some time counseling patients pre-operatively to ensure that patients have realistic expecations and to help them understand what we can or cannot achieve. It is important to inform patients which of their needs can or cannot be met so they can make an informed decision.
Everyone was kind and considerate. The doctors took time to answer all of my questions. I never had to wait at my appointments and they were very convenient to schedule. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks!
Stephanie C. - Nurse - Age 59 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/70 20/20
Left Eye 20/400 20/20
When Stephanie first came in to see us, she was very frustrated with her poor distance and near vision. This has been especially difficult for her because she grew up having "perfect" vision all her life. She had taken an interest in monovision, a setup in which one eye becomes her distance viewing eye while the other is set for reading. Since she had never tried monovision before, I fitted her with contact lenses to simulate the exact setup so she can preview everything to see if she could adapt to it before her procedure. She adjusted very well and can now drive, go the the movies, read the menu and newspaper all without glasses.
Testimonial woman 4
This is the best investment I have ever made! Thank you so much for giving me back the freedom to live my life without the restrictions of poor vision. I have annoyed all of my family and friends by reading the signs along the side of the road as we go on road trips! I am also the best walking commercial to this procedure. I think I have convinced at least a dozen people to have this done. Finally I want to thank your office and staff for being both professional and accommodating to my needs and questions. The staff and doctors have made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Thank you again.
Stephanie D. - Salesperson - Age 38 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/100 20/20
Left Eye 20/150 20/20
Stephanie is a true testament to the fact that sometimes your friends and family are your best and most honest resources--that was how she had heard about us and how many of her friends will experience this life-changing procedure themselves. Thank for your enthusiastic spirit and all your personal referrals. We look forward to helping your friends and family regain their independence as well.
I am now able to read music, view a computer screen, decipher posters, and follow the subtitles on the television without wearing my reading glasses. Thank you!
Suzanne S. - Federal Agent - Age 50 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/30 20/20
Left Eye 20/40 20/20
Being a hyperope (farsighted) and presbyope, both her distance and near vision became increasingly challenging. Her demanding job required her to have great vision and sometimes her life even depended on it. So for her, it was about more than just convenience and lifestyle--it was about safety. Today she feels not only safer, but more confident and efficient at work with her new vision.
I found the entire process smooth and simple. I love being free of contact lenses. Thank you.
Suzie G. - Consultant - Age 39 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/60 20/20
Left Eye 20/50 20/20
Suzie was an ideal candidate for LASIK, due to her prescription, corneal profile, health status, and realistic expectations. She healed very quickly and smoothly and is enjoying her life without the hassles of contacts.
For most of my life I have been wearing glasses until I decided to get LASIK eye surgery. Wow--what a difference it has made in my life! I now have 20/20 vision and I feel so much better about myself. I use the computer a lot at work and what a difference I've noticed. I love to go snowboarding for fun and I don't have to worry about them falling off. I thank all the doctors and staff at LaserVue Eye Center for doing a fabulous job. I can't thank you enough!
Tanya W. - Clerk - Age 32 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/30 20/20
Left Eye 20/25 20/20
Tanya came in feeling very frustrated about her thick reading glasses and was ready to toss them away. In addition to that, her distance vision has started getting blurry and she did not want to wear bifocals at her age. She grew up with significant farsightedness which has hindered her from enjoying many outdoor activities. After her Intra-LASIK(all-laser LASIK) procedure, she not only did away with her thick reading glasses but she can now see better than what she has ever seen. Most importantly, she can now enjoy all the outdoor sports year-round without any visual restrictions.
LaserVue answered every question and provided all the necessary information to alleviate any fear I had prior to my procedure. I had only one eye done and it was literally over before I thought it had begun. Dr. Bansal said the laser was adjusting to my eye and I thought it was still doing that, when he said that we were done. I had no pain or discomfort during the procedure or after it. I had heard that it might feel like having sandy grit in my eye after the procedure, but I experienced no discomfort. I highly recommend this office and procedure to everyone.
Traci H. - Preschool Teacher - Age 35 - Intra-LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/100 20/20
Left Eye N/A N/A
Traci had worn toric contact lenses for a number of years before she decided it was time for a change. Although her left eye has a small amount of astigmatism, I had recommended to her the option of treating only her right eye first because her vision in that eye was significantly worse. After her procedure, she was so satisfied with her new vision that she didn't see a need to have Intra-LASIK treatment in her left eye. Now her vision in her right eye is much better and her eyes feel more comfortable and balanced than ever before.
This has totally changed my life. Being a surfer, carpenter, and father, I would always lose my contacts. Now I don't have to worry about it any longer. The service at LaserVue Eye Center is fabulous. Don't wait--get the procedure done! Thank you--you have changed my life and opened my eyes!
Travis G. - Carpenter - Age 29 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/150 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF 20/20
For Travis, it was about quality of life. The hassles associated with contact lenses and his poor vision began interfering with his hobbies and career. He was not going to allow anything to get in the way of enjoying his main passion in life, and the surgery did just that. I'm glad LASIK has changed his life for the better.

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