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I think the most exciting part about this procedure is that I can now see. I have brought part of my youth back and it's exciting because I can read the newspaper, see the clock in the morning, which I could not see before the surgery. It's simply the best thing that has happened to me in my life.
Virginia S. - Retired - Age 56 - LASIK
Before After
Right Eye 20/70 NVA: 20/20
Left Eye 20/CF DVA: 20/25
After having spent her life taking care of her friends and family, Virginia realized that it was time to reshuffle her priorities and do something for herself. Having both farsightedness and presbyopia made her distance and near vision blurry and she was ready to put an end to all that. After our consultation with Virginia, I had recommended monovision(setup in which the dominant eye is set for distance vision and the non-dominant eye is set for near vision). After trying monovision, Virginia knew immediately this was the solution she has been searching for--today, she can read and drive without glasses. It has been a pleasure to see Virginia finally get what she has waited patiently for so long, and it has been a major lifestyle change for her. Like what she said, "it's like bringing my youth back" and I sincerely wish this fountain of youth will stay with her forever.
Wilota Swanson
The staff at LaserVue has treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy. I never felt like I had any questions because everything was explained to me so well. The surgeries were handled in a very professional manner with literally no discomfort! I commend you on your selection of staff. I'm very glad that I had the surgery and even more so that I had selected your center. Thank you.
Wilota S. - Retired - Age 85 - Monofocal Lens - Cataract
Before After
Right Eye 20/150 20/25
Left Eye 20/150 20/25
Wilota's cataracts were very mature when she had first come in to see us. Not only were they interfering with her vision, but her lifestyle as well. Now she's able to resume and enjoy many of the activities she has avoided for a while as a result of her cataract development. Congratulations on your new vision!

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