Use Your Flex Plan to Pay for LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

That’s right, if you have a Flex Spending Healthcare Account, or Cafeteria Plan you can use your tax-free dollars towards LASIK and save up to 35% (depending on your tax bracket)! And the best part is you can use any amount of your Flex Plan dollars towards LASIK… whether you have $200 or $2,000!

But be sure to hurry. Use your Flex Plan dollars for this year before they expire or find out if you are a candidate so you can allocate your 2010 plan and have LASIK with us in January!

Step By Step – How to Use Your Flex Plan for LASIK:

Schedule your FREE VIP LASIK exam by clicking here or call us at 800-527-3745 and find out if you are a candidate for LASIK first.

Already Enrolled? Be sure to use the funds you’ve set aside before they expire, which in most cases is the end of the year.

Not Yet Enrolled? Check with the HR Manager or Benefits Manager at your company to find out if a Flexible Spending Account is available and when the enrollment period is. And since you have already come in for a consultation, you will know if you are a candidate and how much to allocate for your LASIK procedure.

When it’s time for to pay, use your Flex Plan card or submit your receipt for reimbursement (check your plan for details). And the best part is, if you have recently enrolled, you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to use your Flex Plan, it is effective immediately!

Enjoy your new vision with significant savings!

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