The cost of cataract surgery varies in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the wide range of prices should be no surprise. Like in all industries, you have your bargain-basement low cost vendors, and you have your high-end vendors. And, like in all industries, you often get what you pay for, so buyer beware.

There are many low cost cataract surgery providers who will offer a steal-of-a-deal price, but will tack on fees for supplies, consultations, medications, and other overhead costs. In addition, these low cost cataract surgery providers are often using older equipment, older lasers, older technology, and outdated treatment procedures. Again, buyer beware when you hear of a super deal at $780.00 for cataract surgery on one eye, because you could be facing much larger bills after the add-on fees.

According to All About Vision, straightforward cataract surgery in the United States would cost you about $3,429 per eye if you paid for everything yourself and didn’t use insurance. That cost jumps to an average of about $4,269 per eye if you want a high-tech, presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens for your cataract procedure. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where the cost-of-living is higher, those averages may go higher, too.

There are other variables that go into the cost of cataract surgery in the Bay Area, and we will be happy to discuss the best cost options for you when you contact the LaserVue team about cataract surgery. For more questions about how much your cataract surgery, contact LaserVue for a free consultation at 1-800-LASER-45 (1-800-527-3745).