Many of our cataract patients want to know what their vision will be like after cataract surgery. Here is what can be expected, and how your vision will improve after cataract surgery:

  1. After cataract surgery, you will be prescribed several eye drops that you will need to apply often, following all post operative instructions.
  2. Immediately after cataract surgery, you may experience the normal sensations of:
    • Mild discomfort
    • Tearing of the eye
    • Aching of the eye
    • Soreness of the eye
  3. Your vision will be blurry right after surgery, but it will improve over the first week.
  4. You may drive or go back to work soon after your vision becomes clear again.
  5. We advise against lifting anything heavier than 15 pounds for the first two weeks, for that may cause unnecessary strain on your body, affecting your eyes.
  6. Make sure to avoid smoky or dusty environments, as they may hinder your healing process after cataract surgery.
  7. After a few days, all discomfort should disappear.
  8. Your eyes should be completely healed from cataract surgery in 8 weeks, and you should have normal, clear vision from this point forward.

Of course, this is what the large majority of LaserVue patients experience in their vision after cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is very successful and the vast majority of LaserVue patients are happy that they chose to have their cataracts removed.

For more questions about how your vision will improve after cataract surgery, contact LaserVue for a free consultation at 1-800-LASER-45 (1-800-527-3745).