Make post-op instructions easier for cataract surgery patients with dropless cataract surgery

One of the biggest reasons for medical complications is noncompliance, e.g. a patient acting against medical advice. Whether it be a diabetic who can’t manage a sweet tooth or a post-op patient forgetting to take prescriptions, noncompliance can be the difference between a good surgical outcome and a bad one.

At LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center, we have a solution – the dropless cataract procedure.

“Patients forget their medications sometimes, especially older patients,” explains Dr. Jay Bansal, founder and Bay Area ophthalmologist at LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center. “I just don’t want their forgetfulness to result in a serious problem. That’s why I started doing the dropless [cataract] procedure.”

The dropless cataract surgery procedure requires no post-operative drops. The usual post-operative prescriptions are applied directly to the eye during the cataract removal procedure itself. This solution, Tri-Moxi-Vanc, is a medicine that contains both the antibiotic and the anti-inflammatory that the eye needs to heal properly. This medicine is absorbed by the eye over the next month, negating the need for additional medical eye drops 95% of the time.

“Patients undergoing cataract surgery already have a lot on their minds,” continues Dr. Bansal. “The less they have to worry about, the better. The dropless cataract procedure is safe, effective, and it simplifies the post-op regimen. Patients at my practice can have the dropless procedure, and they can still have premium lenses like the ReSTOR multifocal lens implant. What’s not to like?”

If you or someone you know is considering cataract removal, call LaserVue LASIK & Cataract Center!