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How Long Does Lasik Recovery Last?

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In this article, we outline what to expect during recovery from LASIK laser eye surgery. First day of healing through one year after LASIK.

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ZEISS SMILE Eye Surgery Recovery Timeline

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Learn more about what to expect while recovering from ZEISS SMILE surgery and follow these aftercare tips for optimal vision results.

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What to Expect When Receiving Laser Cataract Surgery

If you are suffering from vision impairment due to cataracts, you are not alone. One in every six people over the age of 40 will develop cataracts. At LaserVue Eye Center we have over a decade of experience performing Laser Cataract surgery, and we pride ourselves on providing each patient with the highest standard in...

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How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

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The #1 Question About LASIK Eye Surgery: How Much Is It? If you are suffering from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism, LASIK might be the solution for you. This popular vision correction procedure utilizes advanced laser technology to reshape the cornea of your eye. It is a relatively painless operation that is completed in...

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How to Use Eye Drops Properly After Laser Eye Surgery

How to Use Eye Drops Properly

Aftercare Best Practices and How to Avoid Contamination Almost every laser eye surgery procedure at your local eye center will include aftercare with a prescription for medicated eye drops or ointments from your ophthalmologist. This is an essential part of the aftercare process and the instructions for use should not be overlooked. First, Your Doctor’s...

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Dropless Cataract Surgery, Making Post-Op Instructions Easy

Make post-op instructions easier for cataract surgery patients with dropless cataract surgery One of the biggest reasons for medical complications is noncompliance, e.g. a patient acting against medical advice. Whether it be a diabetic who can’t manage a sweet tooth or a post-op patient forgetting to take prescriptions, noncompliance can be the difference between a...

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Major LASIK Complications? There Is Hope For You.

Zypotix Lasik utilizes custom wavefront technology to map the front surface of your cornea, which is the same as topography guided LASIK.  Dryness may be causing your symptoms especially if you notice that your vision changes upon blinking.  Taken consistently and correctly, Restasis does take a few months for you to notice the full effect...

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Post Op Care For PRK, Make Sure You Have The Correct PRK Surgery Eye Drops.

Post LASIK patients generally take three types of drops: an antibiotic for one week, a steroid for one week, and artificial tears as needed.  Post PRK patients are usually prescribed four types of drops: an antibiotic for a week, a steroid tapered over the course of a month, a non-steroidal drop for four days, and...

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