Post LASIK patients generally take three types of drops: an antibiotic for one week, a steroid for one week, and artificial tears as needed.  Post PRK patients are usually prescribed four types of drops: an antibiotic for a week, a steroid tapered over the course of a month, a non-steroidal drop for four days, and artificial tears as needed.  As you can see, the overall medications are similar.  The antibiotic prevents infections, steroid prevents inflammation, NSAID also for inflammation but mainly prescribed for pain, and artificial tears to lubricate and make the eye feel comfortable.  The main difference between the post-op drops in PRK and LASIK is the steroid for PRK is prescribed for a longer period of time.   The steroid delays healing to decrease scarring and post-operative corneal haze.  If you have questions regarding PRK surgery eye drops I would recommend you talk to an ophthalmologist who is a corneal specialist or refractive surgeon.