all-laser-lasik-3LaserVue offers cutting-edge All-Laser LASIK technology to the residents of Sunnyvale!

The VisuMax system is a highly advanced refractive eye surgery device that revolutionizes the way that LASIK is performed.

VisuMax comes from Zeiss, the world renowned optical system manufacturer. All of its components are of the highest quality.

These high quality components include high-precision lasers, surgical microscope, slit illumination light, contoured contact glass, and more. All of this helps Dr. Bansal stay in complete control for the best results.

What makes VisuMax Unique?

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But high quality components aren’t enough to completely change LASIK surgery. What makes VisuMax unique is its combination of technologies that alter both the patient and the doctor’s experience during the surgery.

First is the inclusion of a femtosecond laser in the system. This laser is used to cut the corneal flap that is created in all LASIK procedures. Instead of using a blade, a laser is used to maintain the highest possible degree of precision.

With both a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser in one system, the patient experience of LASIK surgery is dramatically different. No longer does a patient have to be moved from one location to another to perform the next step in the procedure.

Instead, the VisuMax’s pivotable table allows the patient to stay where they are while the doctor switches them between the femtosecond and excimer lasers. The result is an uninterrupted—and less stressful—experience.


On top of this, the risk of injury with the VisuMax is reduced due to Zeiss’ curved contact glass. The contact glass is what usually deforms the cornea in order to cut a good, clean corneal flap.

This deformation can result in temporary loss of vision and may damage the eye. VisuMax’s curved contact glass allows the cornea to maintain its shape while the femtosecond laser does the hard, precise work of cutting the perfect flap.

The Complete Package

All of these features come together in a single, outstanding optical system capable of the best results in refractive surgery. From the comfort of the patient table to the high-precision, computer-controlled lasers, the VisuMax has everything.

LaserVue is excited to offer the VisuMax system to our patients. Dr. Bansal strives to keep LaserVue on the cutting edge of refractive surgery technology so that he may better serve his patients. The best results and the most comfortable experience possible—that’s what matters to Dr. Bansal.

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