It’s Cataract Awareness Month!

An estimated 15 million people in the world are blinded by cataracts and during Cataract Awareness Month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and ophthalmologists around the country are reminding people they don’t need to live with cataracts. LaserVue Eye Center will be reaching out to those whose vision is clouded, colors are fading and night vision is more difficult than ever with free cataract screenings throughout the month of August.

Dr. Jay Bansal of LaserVue Eye Center has also teamed with Mission Cataract USA to provide free cataract surgery for members of their local community with no insurance or means to pay for the needed surgery. LaserVue Eye Center will be determining candidacy for the no cost procedure while helping others obtain coverage for the expenses they may not know they qualify for.

Thanks to technological advances, cataract surgery is safer and easier than ever. It no longer requires shots, stitches, or patches. Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, cataract surgery not only provides clear vision to previously clouded eyes, but now can also provide clear vision from near through far. Those dependent on readers, bifocals or even trifocals have the option for a premium lifestyle lenses designed to provide vision better suited for their lifestyle. LaserVue Eye Center has been at the forefront of this technology and has improved the vision of thousands who now can see as young as they feel!

To schedule your FREE cataract screening call LaserVue Eye Center at 707-522-6200 today!