On average, we spend close to $100 each month on our vision — from glasses & contact lenses to eye examinations and cleaning solutions. Consider this: at LaserVue Eye Center you can actually SAVE money with a long-lasting solution to better vision…LASIK. That’s right, LaserVue Eye Center is dedicated to making LASIK an affordable option for almost everyone & there are more ways to save on LASIK than you think:

Tax Deductible – LASIK is a tax-deductible expense!
Flex Spending – Save up to 35% using pre-tax dollars!
Insurance – We accept insurance discounts on LASIK.*
Financing – We offer financing plans to fit most budgets! Apply Online
Credit – We accept most major credit cards.
So, if you think about it LASIK, when compared to glasses and contacts, is the smart financial choice but makes the best sense for your lifestyle too.