Flexible spending accounts (FSAs), also known as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), are a tax-free way to save for LASIK or other medical procedures. With an FSA, you can use pre-tax income to pay for medical-related costs. You create an interest-free financing program for yourself by taking a portion of your salary each month and depositing it into a tax-free FSA account.

When you are ready for your LASIK or other medical procedure, the money is available for your use and you don’t need to worry about paying interest on a loan. However, this option is available only through employer-sponsored vision benefits and FSAs. And, in most cases, all money remaining in your FSA at the end of the year will expire. Call LaserVue Eye Center at 1.800.527.3745 today and schedule a free consultation to use it before you lose it!

Here are ways to get the most out of your FSA:

1. Call LaserVue Eye Center at 1.800.527.3745 and schedule a free consultation to find out what steps need to be taken to achieve your best vision by the New Year.

2. Calculate all eligible expenses remaining in your FSA, and verify with your employer when it expires.

3. Find out the deadline for your next enrollment period. If you have not already scheduled a free eye exam, do so right away to help you decide how much to contribute in 2012.

4. If you are a LASIK candidate, use your FSA funds to make the procedure even more affordable.

5. Think of your contribution of FSA funds for vision as a life-long investment in your health!