Recently, a Walnut Creek resident came in with broken glasses. Her one-year-old child had grabbed them from her face and twisted the frames. She had considered LASIK laser vision correction before but was advised that she wait because she was pregnant. Now that her child was born and no longer breastfeeding, the Walnut Creek resident returned and was still interested. After an eye exam, it was determined that she was a good candidate for LASIK. I have found that new mothers are among the happiest LASIK patients. After laser vision correction, they are able to play with their young children without the worries associated with glasses or contact lenses. Little children love to grab things and occasionally even poke their mothers in the eye. Contacts and glasses can be an inconvenience for new mothers who already have so many other issues to contend with. This Walnut Creek mother was excited by her new freedom from glasses or contacts.

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