Dry Eyes


Have You Pushed Off Dry Eye Treatment for Too Long?

Your eyes are constantly producing tears. This is because your eyes need moisture to stay healthy.  But sometimes, your eyes may struggle to produce tears or retain them. They may struggle with this due to certain environmental factors, but it can also be because of a chronic condition called dry eye syndrome.  If your eyes...

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Eye Care Best Practices for After the Age of 40

Happy and healthy Middle age couple sitting together at home

As we age, remaining active physically and mentally is important to maintaining our health long-term, and our eyes are no different. Read on for five tips on how you can care for your eyes after you turn 40 and beyond.

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Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Physician holding small chalk board that reads "dry eyes".

7 Things That Could Be Making Your Dry Eye Worse Dry Eye Syndrome is an irritating affliction that can make it uncomfortable to clearly see. The clinical cause of Dry Eye Syndrome is inadequate quality or quantity of tears to keep your eyes well lubricated. The tears that lubricate your eyes are not the same...

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5 Common LipiFlow Treatment Questions Answered

mature women rubbing her eye from chronic dry eyes

At LaserVue Eye Center, we proudly offer LipiFlow treatments, as the leading therapy for MGD and dry eyes. Learn more about this revolutionary dry eye treatment and some of the many questions we receive from patients about Lipiflow.

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