It’s been 10 days of my I Lasik in both eyes I had high power – 5.00 in both eyes but now after Lasik although I can see 20/20 from my right eye but in left eye I see blurred I had a big clot on up of my left eye which is touching the iris may be that’s the reason for the blurredness kindly advise the surgeon says it takes 3 months to stabilize vision but I heard next day u can see perfect as in case of my right eye or may be clot is the reason


While many patients see 20/20 on the next day after LASIK, it is also common for many patients to require additional time (days or weeks or even months) before the best vision is achieved. Studies show that vision continues to improve following LASIK vision correction for up to a year after the procedure. LASIK does not always achieve perfect vision immediately and in fact perfect vision is not guaranteed nor should it be expected. LASIK is very successful and 98-99% of people are happy that they chose to have the procedure.

There are many reasons for the blurred vision. If the full refractive correction was not achieved with the initial surgery, a follow-up touch-up procedure is occasionally required. Sometimes dryness can prevent the best vision until it resolves which can take 3 months or longer. Inflammation can also delay your best vision and may require prolonged use of eye drops to help it resolve.

You mentioned a clot that is located in left eye. This might be a broken blood vessel that occurred during the surgery, similar to a bruise on your skin. This would be called a subconjunctival hemorrhage and might take several weeks to resolve. If it is located entirely on the white portion of your eye it should not interfere with vision. These are a common finding following LASIK surgery and are temporary. They do not result in long-term complications.