Look at you! You’ve got your nine-to-five office job. You’re on your grind. You’re proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Spanish (at least according to your resume).

You’ve come so far. But people just don’t understand how hard you really have it.

While you take a break from humble bragging about your desk toys and access to unlimited paper clips, here are five reasons you are a hero for making it through another day at work with contacts.

Blurry Vision

1. A contact fell out during the big presentation, but you kept your cool

You can’t see your notes anymore, but you’re still killing it as skills from that Improv in the Workplace seminar you attended are kicking in. It was touch and go at first, but you stayed on mostly on course, give or take a slide, and that’s impressive.

putting on glasses

2. You had to unretire this old look

You forgot to order a new box in time and had to dust off these bad boys. The prescription is a few years old, so you can expect an eye strain headache around 2:30, but you suffer in silence like a pro. It’s only a week or so of this before more lenses arrive in the mail.

leaning close to screen

3. Unless you couldn’t find your old frames…

So you squinted, or did that thing where you make a little pinhole with your fingers and read through that. For eight hours. But it’s cool. What is squinting if not cardio for your face?

putting in eyedrops

4. You didn’t complain once about the AC drying out your contacts

It’s really not cool that they seated you right beneath the vent, because not only are you freezing all day but the chilly air really dries out your eyes. Add to that the fact that computers cause you to blink less, which isn’t helping. But you’re not one to complain. Mark may have told everyone you were crying at work after you overdid it with the eye drops, but you’re taking it in stride. Nobody likes Mark anyway.

Being a hero is hard work. If you’re ready for a vacation from the daily struggle with your contacts, maybe it’s time to reconsider LASIK. You can get a consultation to ask questions or find out if you’re a candidate by reaching out to us. You can give a call to (800) 527-3745 or fill out the form below to get in touch with us and learn more about LASIK. We’ll respond as soon as possible!

Go away Mark I’m on the phone!