Dear contacts,

We had a good run.

I appreciate all of the work you’ve done over the years, really I do. Hell, you gave me the gift of sight. You’re amazing.

But lately, it just hasn’t been the same…

I’m sick of the routine. The waking up blind, stumbling over cold feet to the bathroom mirror and then putting you on before I can actually see.

It would be so nice to just look at my alarm clock and know that I can actually hit the “snooze” button a couple more times without the getting real close and the squinting real hard.

Then the rest of my day is punctuated with little reminders you’re there. When I lose a lens in the middle of the office and make the interns go on hands and knees to try and find it. (Ok, that part can be a little fun.)

Or when I’m running late at the gym and want so badly to take a quick shower there, but I forgot to bring a case to put you in.

I hate falling behind on reordering you and then I have to dust off my old pair of glasses again. Then everybody sees me in them and says “Oh, cute! Vintage!” when you know what they’re really saying is “That style is very dated.”

I know they’re dated, Karen. I got them in like 2008.

And honestly, I’ve thought about this a lot, I worry if there were an earthquake or a hurricane or a fire in my building, I’d have to get out of there without you, stumbling frightened and blind into a disaster.

TL;DR We’re through. This is an unhealthy relationship.

So glad I’m a candidate for LASIK. I really thought it was going to be too expensive, but according to this tool, I’m actually saving money over you in the long run. That’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bye, contacts.

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