Dr. Jay Bansal has been performing LASIK eye surgery for over two decades.

When it comes LASIK, Dr. Bansal knows the ins and outs, ups and downs, and most everything in between.

If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, you’re not alone. Here are Dr. Bansal’s top 10 reasons to get LASIK surgery.

1. Visual Freedom

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Visual freedom is often the first reason that people site for getting LASIK.

Remember when you first got glasses or contacts? That feeling when you realized the world wasn’t what you had been experiencing all along? That same feeling comes with the realization that you don’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore—you can see clearly all the time, no matter what.

Imagine waking up and automatically being able to see the world clearly. You don’t have to immediately worry about where your glasses are or if you have contact solution. Instead, you simply start your day.

On that same note, imagine being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time without having to worry about taking contacts out or rolling over and crushing your glasses. Little things like this that may have become second nature to you now will be wildly apparent after they’re gone.

2. Better Eyesight

What’s better than seeing the world clearly? Seeing the world clearer than you thought possible.

After LASIK, many people experience better vision than they get while wearing their eyewear. Advanced LASIK technologies have made it more likely than ever before that your vision will actually improve versus wearing glasses or contacts.

3. Cost Effectiveness

LASIK shouldn’t be considered as an additional cost in your life—it’s an investment that pays for itself over time.

Think about how much money you spend on glasses and/or contacts every year. Take a look at how much you’ve spent over the past few years buying a new prescription, buying contact lens solution, or having glasses repaired or replaced.

More than likely these costs end up being very close to what you’ll pay for LASIK—even for the most advanced technologies and most experienced doctors. The cost of LASIK can also be decreased by insurance or a flexible spending account (FSA).

4. Ditching Discomfort


If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you know the discomfort that can come along with them.

From dry eyes to headaches to that unforgettable feeling of sand under your contact lens at the beach, there are many aspects to eyewear that you’ll be happy to ditch.

LASIK can reduce or eliminate these discomforts from your life, allowing you to enjoy your day at the beach or make it through your work day at your computer. LASIK may let you leave the itchiness, red eyes, burning, and everything else behind.

5. Health Concerns

Everyone reacts differently to glasses and contact lenses.

For some people, glasses consistently induce headaches. Contact lenses in particular can cause a number of health issues, including increased rate of eye infection, dry eyes, oxygen deprivation, and more.

LASIK surgery can potentially allow you to sidestep both the mild and more serious health concerns completely.

6. Appearance

For a great number of reasons, not everyone is a fan of how they look when they wear their glasses.

Looking good isn’t just about appearances, though. It’s also about feeling confident in yourself in your day-to-day actions. For some people, the idea that they’ll never have to wear those glasses again is enough to seriously consider LASIK.

7. Athletics & Physical Activity

running-beachIf you’re the active type, you already know the hassle that glasses and contact lenses can be for any number of physical activities.

Many sports are basically impossible to play with eyewear. Don’t let your vision be a determining factor in your performance on the field! LASIK makes any thought of missing out on a game a thing of the past.

After your LASIK procedure, you’ll be able to run, jump, swim, tackle, dive, slide, and whatever else you need to do. Eye protection is always recommended, of course.

8. Career

If you’ve got a job that’s difficult to do while wearing glasses or lenses, the work day can seem that much longer.

To some, glasses or contacts are an inconvenience on the job. To others, a serious detriment. To others still, an impossibility. Some careers in police, defense, and military require that candidates do not wear glasses or contact lenses. If you’re a hopeful pilot, poor vision is an insurmountable obstacle to your dream.

LASIK removes these obstacles to pursuing your dreams and performing in your career.

9. Travel

Want to get away? Don’t forget, misplace, or break anything you need for your eyewear.

Travelling is a different beast for those with glasses or contacts. Forgetting (or losing) one or the other during a trip can put a serious damper on the fun.

Even staying over at a friend’s or family member’s place is cause for undue stress and worry for your eyes.

After LASIK, there’s no more need for solutions, cases, or backup sets of contacts or glasses. You worry about all the things you’ll need for your trip—not what you’ll need to be able to see what you’re doing.

10. Instant Results


One of the most satisfying aspects of LASIK surgery is the speed at which your vision improves.

After LASIK, your vision is improved overnight. Many patients are simply overjoyed at the instant gratification of better eyesight directly following the procedure.

This is one of Dr. Bansal’s favorite reasons to get LASIK because he gets to experience that instantaneous joy with patients every day.

Interested in LASIK?

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