Most new LASIK patients we see don’t realize that not all LASIK is the same. They are typically surprised to hear that other centers in the area still perform outdated traditional LASIK that uses a metal blade, or even LASIK without personalized Wavefront CustomVue. You may be confused by the advertising and uncertain how to research for the best technology.

We want to make sure our patients can rest easy when they choose to have LASIK at LaserVue Eye Center. We have been dedicated to being at the forefront of technology and only perform All-Laser Custom LASIK, or iLASIK. This combination of technologies is so safe, accurate and precise that it has been approved by NASA for use on their astronauts.

Think about it! Astronauts face some incredibly extreme conditions. They hit high G-forces and experience zero gravity conditions, and it all requires clear eyesight. So if this advanced technology is good enough for a NASA astronaut… Call us today at 888-527-3745 to schedule your LASIK consultation and find out if you are a candidate!