Safety and accuracy, 10 years in the making:

LaserVue Eye Center is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of laser vision correction with the most advanced LASIK technology available in the world, called iLASIK or All-Laser Custom LASIK. By offering the FDA-approved iFS Intralase laser, combined with our advanced custom mapping and excimer laser platform, Dr. Bansal is able to offer patients one of the safest and most accurate LASIK treatments available today.

The iLASIK procedure is the result of over a decade’s worth of technical refinement—it combines all of the latest technology in one efficient LASIK procedure. It is the combination of some of the most advanced innovations in this field making a clear distinction between this procedure and the LASIK treatments available ten years ago. This combination of technology offers a level of accuracy and safety that has been unmatched.

31.4 million procedures have been performed worldwide to date making it the most common elective vision procedure in the U.S.

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