100% Customized, 100% Blade-Free:

Patients are happy to find that unlike traditional LASIK which uses a metal blade, our worry-free LASIK is 100% all laser. That’s right, most people would be surprised to know that “old technique LASIK” or “basic LASIK” is only partly performed by a laser. Most surgeons acknowledge that the main safety issue in laser vision correction is related to the use of the bladed mechanical device (microkeratome) used to create the corneal flap in the first step of the procedure. Eliminating the blade from LASIK surgery means eliminating one of the most frequent causes of complications. In fact, clinical studies have shown that Intralase technology is 100 times more accurate in creating the flap offering a unique level of safety because of its micron level precision.

In addition, All-Laser Custom LASIK is 100% personalized, using computer-guided precision to correct your vision based on characteristics unique to your eyes only. Combining these advanced customized technologies leads to outstanding visual outcomes.

In fact, most of our nearsighted patients see 20/20

or better following their LASIK procedure, with

many patients reporting vision that’s better

than glasses and contacts!

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