Q: Can I Do Lasik? My Cornea Thickness is 490 Microns?

I decided to have lasik on both eyes. The doctor said everything is good except my cornea thickness was right eye 490 microns – left eye 488 microns. Can I have lasik? The doctor recommended not to wear contact lenses for three months and then visiting him again. Can i do lasik with this corneal thickness?

A: There are many factors to consider with LASIK

Cornea thickness is only one of many factors to consider for LASIK surgery. A 490 micron cornea could have LASIK if everything else is fine. It may not be able to have LASIK in cases of high myopia, high astigmatism, abnormal corneal topography, flat keratometry readings, excessive dryness, active infection, retinal or lenticular irregularities, etc.

Different treatments and different laser systems use varying amounts of corneal tissue as well so different surgeons might make different recommendations depending on the technology that they have available. If one surgeon approves that you are a good candidate and another decides that you shouldn’t have LASIK, make certain that you are making a wise and well-informed decision.

It never hurts to get more than one opinion on your choice to have an elective form of surgery. Make certain you ask the surgeon questions and understand the answers so you can make a properly informed decision.