SMILE, LASIK, and glasses– comparing the total costs

Consider the yearly and long-term costs of your glasses and contacts when thinking about investing in laser vision correction. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be discussing cost, value, and investment as it relates to your vision correction and care options. This is a very important topic as you consider your options and plan for caring for your vision. 

First, let’s acknowledge an important fact. Laser vision correction options such as LASIK and SMILE are not inexpensive, especially if you’re investing in quality technology, experienced surgeons and a proven laser program. Your eyes are precious, and laser vision correction is not the best place to shop based only on cost!

So how does the cost of laser vision correction compare to glasses and contacts?

Let’s start with contact lenses. If you wear disposable contacts and replace them every two weeks (which is the most common replacement schedule recommended by eye doctors), you’ll pay about $250 a year for lenses and another $150 a year on contact lens solution. This adds up to about $400 a year to wear your contact lenses.

Now, let’s consider the cost of eyeglasses, which is a bit more tricky to average due to the wide variety of frames, lenses, and brands to choose from. According to Vision Service Plan, the national cost average for a pair of prescription glasses is $196, with costs ranging from $20 to well over $800 for designer frames and premium lens technologies.

Now consider these costs over a more than 10-year period. For regular contact lens wearers, this equates to more than $4,000 in lens and solution purchases. For glasses wearers, depending on the number of glasses and sunglasses pairs you purchase, it also equates to thousands of dollars.

Finally, be sure to understand the pricing options available at your preferred LASIK or SMILE practice. Across the United States, the cost of laser vision correction ranges from $495 to $4,000 per eye. Some practices advertise a very low price for laser vision correction, only to give you a much higher price because of your prescription after you come in for a consultation. Other practices offer a flat fee for your laser vision correction, which will include any and all technologies that will be needed to give you better vision. Be sure you discuss costs in detail with your eye practice and know your exact costs.

In truth, no matter what you choose for your vision correction – LASIK, SMILE, glasses or contacts – caring for your vision can be expensive! All these treatments are an investment in your vision and your quality of life over many years. Instead of considering only the immediate cost of each option, be sure to invest in a long-term plan that matches your lifestyle.

What do you think?

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Does considering the cost of glasses, contacts and laser vision correction over 10 or more years change the way you think about the cost? If you have questions about the cost or value of SMILE and LASIK, please call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.