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We want you to have the best experience possible and we work with our patients individually to make sure LASIK is the right choice. But we also think it is in both our best interest if you are a good candidate for LASIK. General candidacy guidelines include:

Are you over 18 years of age?

You must be an adult aged 18 or older to be a candidate for LASIK surgery.

No history of eye disease?

As eye disease can cause serious complications, speak with one of our experienced surgeons to be sure LASIK is right for you.

Qualified, Sitting Patient

Do you have a stable prescription?

Some volatile prescriptions can prevent you from being a candidate. Speak with one of our experienced surgeons to be sure LASIK is right for you.

Are you in overall good health?

Your overall health is important as any surgery can take a toll on your body. Your safety is our primary concern.


We know that cost is important to you. That’s why we want to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision about your eyesight. Visit our LASIK cost page to learn more about the price of LASIK, what affects that price, and what to look out for when seeking a surgeon, as well as our financing and price-assurance policies. You can save thousands of dollars by ditching your glasses and contacts.

2 Year Financing

LASIK should be affordable for everyone. With 24-month financing, you can make payments that work for you.

Flex Spending

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) through your employer, you can save hundreds on LASIK.

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Cost vs. Risk

As with every surgery, the cost and the risks of LASIK should be carefully considered beforehand.

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San Francisco

LaserVue LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Center San Francisco
711 Van Ness Ave Suite 320,
San Francisco, CA 94102
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-415-346-5500

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Business Location
3540 Mendocino Ave. #200,
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-707-522-6200

Mountain View

Laservue LASIK Center in Mountain View
1174 Castro St., #112,
Mountain View, CA 94040
Location & Map 1-800-527-3745 1-650-966-0900

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