Do Patients With Astigmatism Qualify for SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

One in every three people in the United States has astigmatism, making it the most prevalent vision problem in the country. Most people are born with astigmatism, but it can also develop later in life, sometimes due to trauma to the eye.

Common Symptoms of Astigmatism:

  • Excessive eye strain
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Frequent headaches after reading
  • Constant squinting or trouble focusing 
  • Close and distant objects are blurry or distorted

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a refractive error caused by an imperfection in the shape of the cornea or lens of the eye. Your cornea and lens should be symmetrically curved – like a baseball – creating a singular focal point of light entering your retina. With Astigmatism, your lens is usually oblong – like a football – creating multiple focal points of light on your retina. 

For years, the only way to manage the symptoms of astigmatism was through corrective eyewear and other long term lifestyle changes. With advances in refractive surgery technology, our skilled eye surgeons at LaserVue Eye Center can now offer our Bay Area patients a more convenient alternative: SMILE laser eye surgery.

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery For Astigmatism

The FDA approved Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) eye surgery as a treatment for patients with corneal astigmatism in 2018. SMILE surgery is regarded as one of the most significant advances in laser eye surgery in the last ten years.

This minimally invasive vision correction procedure uses one computer-guided femtosecond laser to cut a microscopic incision in your cornea. The same laser is then used to reshape your cornea, correcting your astigmatism and improving your vision.

LaserVue Eye Center is proud to be the first provider of SMILE laser eye surgery in Northern California. The SMILE procedure allows your eye doctor to correct your vision with a reduced impact of trauma on your eye and corneal tissue. This results in more predictable recovery, less discomfort, and increased visual improvements.

Benefits of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery:

  • Less invasive procedure
  • Fast recovery time
  • Single-step procedure
  • Blade free, odorless, and quiet
  • Reduced chances of negative side effects 
  • A good option for those who are not candidates for LASIK

Am I a Candidate for SMILE Eye Surgery?

SMILE laser eye surgery is a great alternative for many patients who are not candidates for LASIK surgery due to thin or irregular shaped corneas. Before being approved for this advanced procedure you need to meet certain qualifiers.

Basic Requirements For SMILE Laser Eye Surgery:

  • You are at least 22 years old
  • Your eye prescription has been consistent for over a year
  • Your general health is good 
  • You have no history of eye disease
  • You are not pregnant or nursing

The best way to determine if you are eligible for SMILE surgery and if it is the right procedure for you is through a comprehensive eye exam. If you experience blurred vision, difficulty seeing at night, or any other signs of astigmatism, contact LaserVue Vision Eye Center to discuss your options.

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