In 2018, the FDA approved SMILE Laser Eye surgery and it has quickly proven to come with many advantages other than simply correcting your vision. SMILE is now the most advanced refractive laser eye surgery available. Since 1999, over 10 million people in the U.S. have undergone refractive laser eye surgery to correct their vision problems. But when it comes to having vision correction surgery, different techniques offer different benefits. So what are the benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery over other alternatives?

What is SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) eye surgery is a one-step, one laser vision correction procedure. During this advanced refractive surgery, your ophthalmologist uses a femtosecond laser and computer-guided technology to create a micro-incision in your cornea. Using the same laser technology, your eye surgeon then reshapes your cornea, leaving you with optimal vision improvement results.

SMILE Refractive Eye Surgery Offers the Most Advanced Laser Technology

This cutting-edge procedure is known as the biggest advancement in refractive surgical technology in the last ten years. But what makes SMILE such an innovative procedure? Read on to learn about some of the biggest benefits of this life-changing vision correction surgery.

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery is Less Invasive

One of many benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery is that it less invasive than LASIK. Traditionally, during vision correction surgery, your eye doctor would create a corneal flap to gain access to the inner layer of your cornea to reshape it. SMILE is known as a “no flap” surgery, due to the tiny incision that is made in your cornea instead. This smaller incision and reduced trauma to your corneal tissue results in a less invasive procedure.

SMILE Laser Eye Surgery is Safe

SMILE offers the same amount of safety as traditional LASIK laser eye surgery. During your SMILE procedure, your surgeon uses some of the most advanced computer-guided laser technology that ensures your safety throughout the procedure.

SMILE Eye Surgery Patients Report Little to No Pain

You will be provided anesthetic drops to numb your eyes, and calming medication to put you at ease throughout your procedure. Most patients report very little discomfort.

SMILE Laser Surgery is Quick

Another major benefit of SMILE laser eye surgery is how short the actual procedure is. Your entire appointment at LaserVue Eye Center will be around one and a half hours long, but the laser portion lasts only about thirty seconds per eye. The majority of your appointment will be spent double checking all measurements and preparing for your procedure to ensure your comfort. We will also take the time to monitor you post-surgery, to ensure you are on the optimal path to recovery.

Recovery from SMILE Laser Eye Surgery is very Predictable

Your vision correction procedure will be optimized to suit your specific needs and vision goals. The level of precision and advanced technology results in much more predictable vision.

Patients Experience Fewer Side Effects after SMILE Laser Eye Surgery

Perhaps the best of all benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery over other treatment options is that patients experience fewer side effects. Dry eye syndrome is a fairly common side effect of vision correction surgery that can be managed with lubricating eye drops. After SMILE surgery, patients have fewer negative side effects, such as dry eyes or irritation due to the smaller incision made during the procedure.

SMILE is a Great Alternative for Patients Who Do Not Qualify For LASIK

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Unfortunately for some patients suffering from vision problems, LASIK laser eye surgery is not an option. Luckily for many of them SMILE laser eye surgery turns out to be exactly what the doctor ordered! LaserVue Eye Center is currently offering all our Bay Area patient free virtual consultations.

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