LASIK Surgery Recently? Did Your Surgeon Tell You That You Have “Migrating Cells”?

The “migrating cells” that your LASIK eye surgeon mentioned is likely a condition called epithelial ingrowth.  This occurs when the cells on the outermost surface of your cornea grow under the LASIK flap.  In most cases no treatment is required and your eye doctor may monitor these cells during your normally scheduled follow-ups.  Treatment is required if the cells are affecting vision or if they are proliferating which may lead to corneal melts or erosions.  In summary, majority of the time epithelial ingrowth is not a serious complication however, if the cells are growing into your line of sight and affecting your vision, your LASIK surgeon may decide to lift the flap and irrigate the cells from under the flap to prevent any vision loss.  If your surgeon decides to lift the flaps and irrigate the cells, there is a good chance that the cells will not come back and cause any further problems.

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