Is it normal to lose clarity a week after your laser vision surgery?

A decrease in vision after Lasik is not normal however, there may be several relatively benign causes of decreased vision.  The most common cause is dry eyes.  During Lasik, a flap is cut in the cornea of the eye severing some of the nerves that are responsible for sending signals to the brain, especially those signaling dryness.  Because the nerves have not yet been repaired, you may not necessarily feel that your eyes are dry.  Dryness is a common culprit for decreased and especially fluctuating vision after Lasik.  Artificial tears and other dry eye therapies may be prescribed to help alleviate the dryness.  It is also possible that your vision has regressed since the surgery.  In this case your surgeon may wait a few months until your eyes have stabilized to consider the possibility of an enhancement.   If you are experiencing redness, pain, or light sensitivity, you should see your surgeon as soon as possible as this may be a sign of more serious complications.

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