Do you long to wake up without fumbling for your glasses or needing to put in contact lenses? A vision correction procedure can improve your life by giving you total visual freedom.

One of the newer, lesser-known, but incredibly revolutionary vision correction procedures is the EVO Visian ICL. The EVO Visian ICL is an implantable additive lens that corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism.

ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens, as the lens is made from collamer. Collamer is a substance derived from collagen, a naturally occurring protein in your body.

The EVO ICL is biocompatible and works in natural harmony with your eye because it comes from a material similar to what the body produces. The EVO Visian ICL procedure is simple, quick, and effective, as is its recovery.

The biocompatibility of the EVO ICL means that it causes fewer post-procedure side effects like dry eye, which is common after LASIK. Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s best to feel prepared; the same is true before your EVO ICL procedure.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare to change your life before having the EVO Visian ICL, and achieve the vision you’ve always wanted!

Find Out if You’re a Good Candidate

Before you can have the EVO ICL procedure, you must find out if you’re a good candidate. The EVO ICL is only FDA-approved for patients with nearsightedness and astigmatism.

That means if you’re farsighted, you’ll need to find a new method of vision correction. To qualify for the EVO ICL, you must be between the ages of 21 and 45.

You must also be in good health, with a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for at least a year. The EVO Visian ICL can correct moderate to severe nearsightedness between -3 and -20 diopters.

One of the benefits of the EVO Visian ICL is that your corneas don’t have to be a certain thickness, which is a requirement of LASIK. If you’ve been told that you don’t qualify for LASIK because of this reason, you may want to look into the EVO Visian ICL instead!

Know How the EVO Visian ICL Works

It is critical to know how your additive lens implant works and what the surgery to implant it will be like. The EVO Visian ICL works like a contact lens, except instead of sitting on top of your eye, it sits inside your eye, right over your natural lens.

Like your glasses or contact lenses, the EVO ICL changes how light refracts before it passes through your natural lens, correcting refractive errors. Having the EVO Visian ICL implanted in your eye is an outpatient procedure that only takes about 20-30 minutes.

Before the procedure begins, you’ll receive numbing eye drops to ensure you won’t feel pain. Your surgeon will then create a small incision in your eye between the iris and lens.

The EVO ICL is folded up and inserted through this incision. It unfurls and settles into position.

Your surgeon will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the EVO ICL is where it should be. There’s no need for stitches, and the procedure is over after checking that everything is how it should be.

After the procedure, you can’t drive yourself home, so make sure you have a friend or family member that can get you home. You’ll want to rest your eyes once you get home, and the numbing eye drops start wearing off.

You may start noticing initial improvements to your vision, which will only continue improving in the days after getting the EVO Visian ICL. You’ll need to use the antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory eye drops you’re given to ensure proper healing.

The good news is that after your EVO ICL procedure, there isn’t a long recovery. Any discomfort you may experience will only last a day or two. Following that, you can start enjoying your newly improved vision!

Have Reasonable Expectations

Before having any surgical procedure, talk to your surgeon about having reasonable expectations. The EVO Visian ICL is a low-risk procedure, but like all surgeries, it does come with some risks.

Your ophthalmologist can discuss these with you to ensure you know what to expect. While most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better, it’s not guaranteed.

However, it is highly likely. Remember that the EVO VIsian ICL will not prevent you from developing age-related vision problems like presbyopia.

But one of the benefits of the EVO Visian ICL is that you can have it removed, making it unique from other vision correction procedures. The EVO Visian ICL is the only reversible procedure.

If you ever want to remove it, you can. You can have the EVO ICL sit inside your eye (virtually invisible to others) and enjoy the clear vision it provides.

But you can also choose to have it removed, especially if you need cataract surgery to replace it with an IOL. Knowing you can remove it gives many patients peace of mind.

Once you know what to expect from your EVO Visian ICL procedure and recovery, you can look forward to how it will change your life!

Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contact Lenses and Say Hello to Incredible Vision!

Most people get a vision correction procedure to eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. After the EVO Visian ICL, you’ll be able to see without visual aids.

You can do away with the daily annoyances of wearing glasses and contact lenses. Say goodbye to smudged, foggy lenses when you wear glasses or irritation and dryness from your contacts.

It’ll be easier to do everyday things like cooking, exercising, and pulling all-nighters! Not only that, but you’ll be able to see better than you ever could with glasses or contact lenses.

The world will look like it’s in high definition when you can see with perfectly clear, crisp vision. The EVO Visian ICL will change your life and outlook on the world.

Want to enjoy better vision without worrying about a long recovery time? Look no further than the EVO Visian ICL! Schedule your consultation at LaserVue Eye Center in San Francisco, CA, now!