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5 Ways the EVO Visian ICL Improves Your Vision

If you’re considering a vision correction procedure, why not consider the EVO Visian ICL? Most vision correction surgeries like LASIK and PRK use a laser to permanently change the shape of your cornea to correct a refractive error.  But the EVO Visian ICL is different because it implants a lens inside your eye. It’s a...

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How to Prepare to Change Your Life with the EVO Visian ICL

Do you long to wake up without fumbling for your glasses or needing to put in contact lenses? A vision correction procedure can improve your life by giving you total visual freedom. One of the newer, lesser-known, but incredibly revolutionary vision correction procedures is the EVO Visian ICL. The EVO Visian ICL is an implantable...

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Introducing EVO Visian ICL Lens

eye chart letters and woman's blue eye with long lashes

At LaserVue Eye Center, we are excited to announce that the EVO Visian ICL Lens, which earned FDA approval in the United States in March 2022, is now available for our patients in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Mountain View.

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When Should I See an Ophthalmologist?

eyes examination, ophthalmologist hands protecting eye icon, prevention and control, isolated on blue background

Visiting your ophthalmologist plays an important part in maintaining your overall health. But when should you see an ophthalmologist? We’ve outlined five instances when you should schedule an appointment.

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What is Visian ICL?

The Tecnis Symfony IOL is a great option for Cataract Surgery Patients

Learn more about the Visian ICL refractive implant surgery and the life-changing vision correction this advanced technology offers.

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